How to Configure DNS via WebSitePanel?


If you have host more than 5 domain names,you can add DNS server to propagate your domain names from WebsitePanel. At first, you need to contact with your domain name registrar and create the child name servers for your domain name point to your VPS IP address. Then,install Windows DNS server from your VPS server.

1. After that,you need to log into the WebsitePanel portal, which can be accessed by visiting the ip address. Then, enter “serveradmin” as your username and your password . Note that you can find these materials from your register email address with our site that we sent to you which is named Windows VPS Hosting Account Information – Host4ASP.NET.

Configure DNS via WebSitePanel 1

If you want to access the WebSitePanel portal from any internet-connected web browser, you need to create new rules in Windows Firewall(open port 9001).

2.Once logged in, go to Configuration => Servers , and  Click “DNS” to configure your DNS within WebSitePanel.

Configure DNS via WebSitePanel 2

3.WebSitePanel also already has your primary IP address listed for “Listening IP Addresses”. If you don’t have an IP address in this textbox, you can Click  “Add” and add your server IP into it.

Configure DNS via WebSitePanel 3

4.Change the primary and secondary name server fields into the name servers you set up in your domain name registrar.

Configure DNS via WebSitePanel 4

5.Click “Update”. Now when you create a new website in WebSitePanel, its DNS will be set up with these settings.

6.Do not forget to open port 53 in Windows Firewall.