Necessary Preparations for Installing an SSL Certificate?


Before proceeding an SSL certificate installation process, you are supposed to know what you need to prepare and pay attention to.


Business Plan users

We offer a free SSL for protecting one website for each Business Plan user and there is no set up fee.

Non-Business Plan users

Non-Business Plan users should pay for an SSL certificate. We provide 3 types of SSL certificates (Protecting One Website/Protecting All Subdomains/Protecting Multiple Websites). You can contact us to get the detailed quotations. There is no set up fee if you purchase an SSL from us.

Dedicated IP

A dedicated IP is necessary for installing an SSL certificate.

Business Plan users

Each Business Plan user can have a free dedicated IP.

Non-Business Plan users

Non-Business Plan users should pay for a dedicated IP to install a SSL certificate. We would assign the dedicated IP you purchased to the targeted site and bind it with the targeted SSL certificate.

Related Information

To generate CSR file, we have to get the required information from you. The required information includes the following items:

  • Common name (should be the targeted domain name)
  • Organization
  • Organizational unit
  • City/locality
  • State/province
  • Country/region
  • The website you would like to protect

Attention: State/province and City/locality must be specified as official names and they cannot contain abbreviations!

Email Account

During the installation process, an approved email should be sent to you. By rules, this approved email only can be sent to the following recipients:

  • admin@tageteddomainname
  • administrator@tageteddomainname
  • hostmaster@tageteddomainname
  • webmaster@ tageteddomainname
  • postmaster@tageteddomainname

By default, to make the process easier and faster, we would create admin@targeteddomainname for you and verify the email on your behalf.