Have Multiple WordPress Websites? Here Are Some Tips for Easy Management


As with the blooming internet technology and electronic business, plus, web hosting providers like Bisend start supporting 1 to unlimited websites hosted in one account, it has been common for one person to run multiple WordPress websites on their own. While the WordPress platform makes the setup of several sites easily and quickly, it’s never been an easy task to deal with multiple admin panels independently. You are required to update themes and plugins individually and keep track of everything else from regular backups to core updates.

The good news is, there are many ways available to make the process of running multiple WordPress websites with minimal fuss, by either leveraging the power of a third-party tool or streamlining the process manually. All you need is picking the method that suits you best.

Now, let’s guide you through different way of operating multiple WordPress websites with ease.

Manage Multiple Websites Using A Management Tool

A good management tool can help simplify tackling multiple WordPress maintenance and save you a ton of time. Here we run over the top 3 management tools out there in the WordPress market which enable you to manage more than one websites as a whole.


If you ever searched management tool for copy with multiple WordPress websites, you’ve probably heard of ManageWP, which has been around for a few years and acquired by the world’s largest domain registrar and one of the best web hosting providers GoDaddy last year.

ManageWP comes with an intuitive interface that lets you monitor and manage all your WordPress websites from one dashboard. From automating the updates, securing data with reliable backups, to approving or sending to spam any comment and monitoring your WordPress websites with Uptime Monitor, SEO and Google Analytics, it’s all there!

You can take advantage of the ManageWP service for free to manage a bunch of websites. At the same time, there are a lot of premium add-ons available to help make more operations.


Optimized for agencies, developers and freelancers, InfiniteWP is a self-contained and self-hosted platform that puts you in full control of the security and ensures that no one else can access to your data.

You can get an eagle’s eye view from a central admin panel with InfiniteWP. In just one click, all plugins and themes across a bunch of WordPress websites can be updated. As well, you can also get an easy-to-use reliable WordPress backup solution upon sign up with InfiniteWP.

Just the same as ManageWP, InfiniteWP makes the basic set of features mentioned above free for life. At the same time, it offers a suite of addons including staging, schedule backups, client plugin branding, uptime monitor, vulnerability updates, and WP Time Capsule, etc., requiring you to purchase a premium plan based on the number of your WordPress websites. For all paid users, InfniteWP grants them the ability to request full refund within 14-days of purchase.


MainWP is a fully open source alongside the role as a free self-hosted WordPress management plugin.

This plugin makes it possible for you to connect and control completely independent WordPress websites easily from one central location. It works even when your websites are hosted on different servers! So it is especially popular among marketers, affiliates, developers, online stores and any others with multiple WordPress websites.

The free management tool features an user-friendly dashboard, where you can update components of your WordPress website in seconds. Additionally, if you use the Auto Updates feature, the MainWP Dashboard will send you an email alerting you with available updated plugins and themes, and have them installed for you automatically the next day.

The best part is, MainWP lets you publish content to WordPress websites in an extremely easy way. Pick one website from a list, write content and publish, without the hassle of logging into each and every WordPress site. And with the free plan, you can benefit from content management, security scans and uptime scans for unlimited websites.

If you need more power on administration, content, backup, hosting and performance, analytics, there are plenty of extensions available, priced from $29 to $69.

Manage Multiple WordPress Websites Manually

However, if you don’t plan to set up other more tools or spend extra money on a third-party service, you can still resort to the manual approach when it comes to multiple WordPress websites management.

In this case, I recommend you to make use of the WordPress Multisite. This is a built in management system available in WordPress 3.0 and later versions. While the functionalities are limited, you can at least have a bird’s eye view of your properties.

Last but not least, you can update everything for your WordPress websites one by one. But this option makes sense only when you have two or three sites.

Wrapping Up

Managing multiple WordPress websites is time-consuming and needs great patience. Fortunately, there still are some ways to tackle it efficiently. Either you harness a management tool or install the WordPress Multisite, you can cut down much time on unnecessary processes and pay more attention to growing your business.