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To bring cutting-edge web hosting technology, team has been working on developing with top picks of the leading services and platforms available. Hard work pays off, today, the innovation happens to, a new beginning of server and Plesk control panel, more optimizations of technical support and data protection, all the changes are online. is making it possible to provide the best ASP.NET hosting service.

What is new?

Except for faster and more stable web usage experience, we have prepared the upgraded server and superior Plesk control panel, as well as excellent technical supports.

1. Better Server  

The data centers of are located in Us and HongKong, in which, users in all over the world will be guaranteed fast response speed for their data request. With more and more users, also to ensure completely enough space for all the websites, the upgraded configurations are added to servers.

* 32 core CPU

* 196GB RAM


What’s more, our server supports Git, PHP switching, which can meet the requirement of webmasters and also assist programmers in easily managing their codes.

2. More Features with Plesk

Besides the new server, another bright spot is that the current WebSitePanel will be replaced with Plesk Onyx. Plesk Onyx is a single control panel with an intuitive graphical interface, ready-to-code environment and powerful extensions. Supporting Windows and Linux operating system simultaneously, Plesk Onyx makes it easier for you to develop websites and apps.

In addition, the latest version Plesk Onyx 17.5.3 supports Docker Mirror deployment, Ruby Programming Language, Git management, one-click install of WordPress and other applications.

3. Better Customer Support 

To prepare the new server and control panel, has a team of professional technicians engaged in ASP.NET hosting business for years and with specialized training in both skills and supports. Whenever you have issues or concerns, our support staffs are standing by 24×7 to give you efficient assistance.

What is the next step?

With those preparations, the first important thing is migration of servers. Beyond that, what you can expect is more convenience.

1. Server Migration 

Since the new servers have been prepared now. We are going to migrate the servers to new platform in the beginning of August. Therefore, we will open new space for all users and the websites will be migrated to the new server successively.

After the migration, you will get access to the new server and Plesk Onyx. If you would like to migrate your website in advance, please contact our technical support. We will help you on the earliest time.

2. Automatic Domain Name Resolution

Another excellent thing is that your domain will be resolved automatically without any extra operations. And due to that, your website will work well without influence during the migration. In the future, your domain can be resolved whenever you would like to register or transfer through

3. Free SSL Certificate

Once the migration finished, we will provide you with free SSL certificate. Your websites can be installed SSL certificates only by one-click.

Nothing is changeless, only change can bring growth. This time, is up front. Just join us, better will always offer you better products!
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