What Are The Best Drupal Books You Should Read?


Drupal has over 29,000 modules and more than 2000 themes. In addition to providing a huge number of design possibilities for website developers, Drupal offers developers a lot of chance to dabble with customizations in all aspects. There is ample API support and developers can even create their own custom modules with the help of the APIs.

As for support, Drupal has a warm and welcoming community. There is no dearth of support for users of all kind. Beginners can find lots of tutorials and videos while seasoned developers can get help from other professionals in the community forums if they get stuck at some point.

Even though it is known to have a steep learning curve, Drupal has a loyal customer base. With Acquia’s Drupal Certifications, you may even be able to launch your Drupal learning with fewer bumps.

But books ace everything else when it comes to well-documented, articulate learning. This is why we have selected 10 of our favorite Drupal books that you will find helpful in your journey as a Drupal developer.

  • Drupal 8 Explained: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Drupal 8

Author: Stephen Burge

To start with, I suggest a book that is simple and does an excellent job explaining Drupal to beginners. It is handy for anyone getting started with Drupal who may need help every now and then with respect to certain concepts or practices. The book is easy to follow and is often touted to be the beginner’s reference book.

  • Drupal 8 Development Cookbook – Second Edition: Harness the power of Drupal 8 with this recipe based practical guide

Author: Matt Glaman

If you like to learn with the help of analogies, this book is just the kind for you. It approaches Drupal learning just like a cook teaches you a recipe. The step by step format makes it easy to understand for developers of all levels. The only drawback is that the book does not fill you in on the reasoning behind the concepts or why a certain step was taken.

  • Drupal 8 Module Development: Build and customize Drupal 8 modules and extensions efficiently

Author: Daniel Sipos

This is a great book for developers to get started with their first Drupal module. It helps you understand the architecture of Drupal 8 and gives you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the basics of Drupal 8. The book further takes you through the creation of your first module and further expands on several concepts and Drupal best practices for developers.

  • Drupal 8 Blueprints: Step along the creation of 7 professional-grade Drupal sites

Author: Alex Burrows

There is no better way to learn than to use real-world examples. This is why Drupal 8 Blueprints does an excellent job as a book to help developers clarify doubts and go through the creation process of 7 professional-grade Drupal sites. The book covers the reasoning behind certain practices and also covers the methodology used. Using the websites as examples, the book explains a lot of concepts very clearly and accurately.

  • The Definitive Guide to Drupal 7

Author: Benjamin Melancon

While your new projects will be on Drupal 8, I feel that it is important to include books on Drupal 7 because a lot of websites on the internet still use Drupal 7. This means that you may end up managing or maintaining websites on Drupal 7 and you will require adequate information about it to ensure that you are able to maintain or work on the website effectively. Since some of the concepts mentioned in this book have been replaced with new ones, the book can be good for guidance but cross-check concepts to make sure that they are still relevant.

  • Pro Drupal 7 Development

Author: Todd Tomlinson

This is a book suitable for professional developers who plan to acquire deeper knowledge of Drupal. The author spends less time explaining Drupal basics and more time covering complex solutions like the development of APIs and improvements to Drupal 7. It is an excellent book for developers who want to learn about creating complex modules.

Books that cover development essentials for any aspiring developer

In order to develop high-quality websites, you need knowledge that goes beyond the basics. While reading up about Drupal will get you started, expanding your knowledge into additional coding details will make sure that your Drupal sites are ahead of the competition.

  • Learning PHP, My SQL and Javascript

Author: Robin Nixon

With PHP being the core language of the Drupal Framework, I feel that this is an essential read for anyone getting started with Drupal. The book will help you simplify your journey into coding and development. In addition to this, you get the chance to expand your knowledge of Javascript, CSS and HTML5 through this book. This will allow you to create complex designs for your clients without losing out on user-friendliness.

  • CSS Secrets: Better solutions to everyday web design problems

Author: Lea Verou

This is a resourceful book for developers looking for some handy information to help them code with the help of the CSS secrets outlined in the book. The reason why developers are able to utilize the information in the book more effectively is that it provides a lot of examples which make it easy for the reader to comprehend the solutions.

  • The Clean Coder: A code of conduct for professional programmers

Author: Robert C. Martin

With access to lots of development tools and technologies, it is possible that a developer may end up too confounded in codes. This is why Martin explains the principles of a clean code and how to achieve it. Interestingly, the book includes a number of real-world examples of bad coding. This can help you get some insight into good and bad coding and how to differentiate between the two. The book also defines the tell-tale signs of bad code and the ways in which a developer can debug and refresh a codebase.

If we’ve still got you hooked onto books then here’s one last read that is not just interesting but extremely helpful in clarifying underlying concepts about open source.

  • The Cathedral and the Bazaar

Author: Eric S Raymond

It is one of those dated books that carry wisdom which lasts a long time. I find that the book approaches the concept of open source very effectively, making it possible for readers to easily grasp the ideology behind it.

These books are great for those who want to expand their knowledge about Drupal and coding. If we have been able to stimulate the reader in you, then you will find lots of Drupal books which can greatly improve your knowledge about certain elements used in Drupal and how you can utilize them in future projects. As a developer, I believe that continuous learning is the only way to survive in the industry. I hope these books help.