Sectigo Multi-Domain Wildcard

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1~3 Days
RSA 2048/ECC

Sectigo Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate makes it possible to secure multiple domains and unlimited subdomains under each. With 3 SANs included, you can add up to 250 additional ones if you wish. For e-commerce sites and organizations who have multiple domain names on one server, Sectigo Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL is one of the most cost-effective solution.

1 Year 55.01% off 2 Year 59.53% off
Price $328/yr. (Normally:$729) $295/yr. (Normally:$729)

Notes:This product is a Multi Domain SSL. By default, it will secure 2 domain, and the price for each extra domain (or SAN) are as below:

Extra SAN Price $108/yr $94/yr
Issuance 1~3 Days
Validation Domain + Basic Business
Warranty $250,000
Multi Domain? Yes, this cert support Multi Domains.
# Of Domain Secured by Default 2
Maximal# Of Domain could Secure 250
Wildcard? Yes, this is a Wildcard SSL.
Green Address Bar Not Support. To get a Green Address Bar for your website, you need an EV SSL.
Mobile Compatibility Compatible with all mobile devices
Browser Compatibility Compatible with all major browsers of desktop and mobile
Encryption Algorithm RSA 2048/ECC
Encryption Level 256-bit Encryption
Malware Scan? Not Support
Vulnerability Assessment Support
Server Licensing The SSL could be installed in Unlimited servers.
Reissue? Unlimited Reissuance
Site Seal
Best Selling SSL Certificate
DigiCert SSL Wildcard
DigiCert SSL Wildcard

Organization Validation

Issued within 1~3 Days

Wildcard Support

$1,000,000 Warranty


Regularly $595/yr

12% Off
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Sectigo EV SSL
Sectigo EV SSL

Extended Validation

Issued within 1~5 Days

Green Address Bar

$1,750,000 Warranty


Regularly $449/yr

81% Off
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GeoTrust True BusinessID
GeoTrust True BusinessID

Organization Validation

Issued within 1~3 Days

Secure 1 Domain

$1,250,000 Warranty


Regularly $199/yr

56% Off
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Sectigo PositiveSSL Wildcard
Sectigo PositiveSSL Wildcard

Domain Validation

Issued within Minutes

Wildcard Support

$10,000 Warranty


Regularly $149/yr

11% Off
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