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Exclusively built for E-commerce

.store directly refers to "shops" and "stores", which is exclusively built for online supermarkets and retails. Different from traditional domains, .store is more personalized, which enables your customers easily understand your site type and business orientation. With a .store domain, your site will be online 24 hours days.


Follow online shopping trend

At present, online shopping has already become an irresistable trend, and people enjoy the convenience of shopping online without stepping out. So, .store domains are hot now! Following the trend, .store helps your site have a iconic domain, leaving a deep impression on your customers. 

Low entry barrier

.store does not require that you have to buy or create a website to register it. No matter which e-commerce platform you are runing your business on, using .store domain can easily catch customers' attention and make them remember your site from see it on one eye, to increse regular customers.

Wide usage

.store is suitable for not only the living goods reatiling, but also the popular cloud storage business, including the website running disk drives and storage cards services, because besides "shops", .store also means "to save" and "to store".