Why Small Business Prefer Bisend Hong Kong Web Hosting


It is widely acknowledged that business websites hosted with a local web host come with higher success rate than with an international company. This is because of the superior internet infrastructure available locally and the legal & taxation laws that support businesses to expand. When talking specifically about the best Hong Kong web hosting provider for small business owners, Bisend stands out from competition for offering resourceful, high-grade local hosting products and services.

Hong Kong, the best server location to reach Chinese consumers

China now has been grown up into not only the world’s largest internet market with over 720 million users, but also the world’s largest retail market with total retail sales of $4.84 trillion in 2016.

No wonder why global enterprises are raking their brains for tapping into the enormous market.

In order to reach their Chinese consumers, companies first and foremost should have an online presence, regardless of whether it is in the digital industry. However, because of some obvious reasons—for instance, the Chinese government filters all content coming into its borders and blocks many popular sites, including Google, Twitter, Facebook, and New York Times—most global companies have to adjust their strategies, choosing to host servers on their own countries, within China’s borders, or at a nearby location such as Hong Kong.

Considering the fact that website slowness is a serious common problem that every foreign business comes across when servers are hosted in their own countries, serving Chinese consumers from inside China seem the most reasonable choice. But it does come at a substantial cost too:

Every domain name hosted in China is required to have an Internet Content Provider (ICP) license. Applying for an ICP license is usually not easy, especially for a foreign company.

It costs more in China when it comes to power, space or IP transit.

To logistics of getting hardware into China is more difficult and time consuming than to Hong Kong or Singapore.

Benefits of hosting servers in Hong Kong

If you don’t want to host within China itself but still look to deliver the best internet experience to Chinese customers, Hong Kong is a perfect server location where you can have access to the fastest speed and connectivity to the market.

Geographical advantage for fast connection

Hosting your website on a Hong Kong server means your visitors from most of the cities in China can get the quickest responding speed and highest uptime. At the same time, you can fully control over everything whenever an adverse event occurs. Additionally, your international visitors will also benefit from faster access, compared to the performance when hosted on a mainland China server.

Quality service at affordable prices

Hong Kong has a quite mature web hosting market. Most Hong Kong based hosting providers are able to offer advanced technologies and 24/7/365 professional support, which may not be easily available in initial growing mainland China market. Even some companies do, they may charge for a higher price for the same services. From this perspective, choosing a Hong Kong based hosting company would be a more cost-effective option, particularly when your business is also based in Hong Kong.

No ICP License required

As we’ve mentioned above, you will need an ICP License if your website is hosted on a mainland China server. This is not the case when your servers are hosted in Hong Kong. You never need to get an ICP License for faster application programs, saving you money as well as time in the whole process.

Web hosting, the best solution to small business success

In the internet era, or in the forthcoming IoT era, going online is vital for every small business to strengthen competitiveness. Nevertheless, days of simply having a digital presence is enough are long gone. Your online presence should be also visually enticing and offering the optimal user experience.

With dozens of web hosting providers emerging every month, how to choose a reliable web hosting service that enables a small business to attain these goals with minimum time is not easy, and sometimes painful. After all, you have to consider a lot of factors.

Small business varies greatly in size and thus demands different web hosting solution. Basically, a shared web hosting is the least expensive option that allows as many as hundreds users to share a server’s storage and processing, which may result in slower speeds when other sites suck up memory and bandwidth. VPS and cloud hosting represent the next level up, providing each website its own allocation of memory and thus keeping more reliable hosting environment. Dedicated server hosting appears at the top of the web hosting food chain, because it guarantees unmitigated control of a server’s full resource for a higher price tag.

Server uptime crucially affects user experience. The moment your business website has consistent traffic, every server downtime—no matter how long it takes per day, hours or minutes—makes a negative impact on your brand credibility or even business revenue. Given this, it is advisable that you choose a web host with an trustworthy third party-verified server uptime of at least 99.95%

Pay attention to online security and e-commerce features. Keeping things running smoothly and safely is essential for every online business and some advanced tools could be significantly helpful. Daily backup service, free shared SSL, SiteLock malware removal, and WAF are some most common security features packed with industry-leading hosting companies. As well, for helping get your e-commerce website off the ground in no time, a trusted web hosting generally is integrated with a number of 1-click install e-commerce applications.

24/7 customer support is necessary. There’s no getting around the fact that web hosting can be confusing at times—especially if your first priority is running the day-to-day operations of a business. Whenever a an emergency happens, you’ll expect someone on the ready to give you any clue to the problem, even better to get your business website back up and recovering requickly. Therefore, you need consider web hosts with 24/7 customer service, and repeatedly live chat, call out and email major contenders with a barrage of questions.

So, what’s unique about Bisend HK web hosting?

Bisend is a leading hoster in Hong Kong. We use the same data center as Baidu which ensure us we have a fast connection to China Main land and also worldwide.

Lowest price—$2.95/mo. Bisend offers up to 64% off discounts on first term and which is valid for all shared and reseller hosting plans.

Universal compatibility.  Bisend is running on both Windows and Linux servers, Apache, Nginx, IIS, MySQL, MS SQL, PHP, ASP.NET, thousands of existing programming systems and software are compatible.

Full web hosting features. With the intuitive graphical interface of Plesk Onyx, you can 1-click install any type of e-commerce application: Magento, OpenCart, osCommerce, Prestashop, and so much more. Besides, up to unlimited websites, disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, a free SSL certificate and a non-contract 30-day money back guarantee are also configured with each hosting account.

Award-winning support. Bisend has 24/7 U.S.-based support via live chat, ticket and email system. Also, there is automatic weekly off-site data backup service, constant server monitoring, and an extensive knowledgebase with a pile of useful tutorials and articles.

Robust datacenter infrastructure. A SAS 70 authentication Hong Kong based datacenter promises uninterruptible power supply, fire detection, and continuous monitoring to maintain the safety and security of its brand-new Dell servers with SSD drives.

In a word,  Bisend Hong Kong web hosting has all necessities to keep your business humming. There is no reason that you miss such a great solution to maximize your business revenue. Now, visit this page to place your order.