How to Choose a Hong Kong Web Hosting for Drupal?


For people who wish to develop a Drupal website in China, the best option is to build websites with a reliable Hong Kong Web hosting solution for freedom of ICP license, better uptime & high performance. Compared to WordPress, Joomla, and other CMS platforms, Drupal requires higher server resources. That’s why more and more experts recommend hosting Drupal on a VPS, Cloud or even dedicated hosting plan, instead of on a shared plan.

No matter which hosting service your site needs, you should ensure it comes with the qualities of a reliable Hong Kong web hosting for Drupal.

What to Consider When Choosing HK Drupal Hosting?

To offer faster loading speed for target audience in China and other Asia countries, more and more webmasters choose to host their Drupal website with Hong Kong hosting providers. In below, we will list the aspects you should consider when choosing the best HK Drupal hosting.

System Requirements

As a PHP CMS system, obviously Linux is prefer OS for a Drupla website even though Windows also support Drupal well. A growing number of small business website owners choose to create Drupal website using a shared web hosting with cPanel or Plesk – the combination currently is the most cost-effective solution.

MySQL database is the most common database on most Windows and Linux shared hosting platforms. Besides that, PostgreSQL and SQLite are also recommended options for Drupal.

As for PHP version, PHP 7.1 or greater is the best choice for building a website on Drupal 8, while PHP 5.4 is the minimum recommend version for Drupal 7.

Statistics suggest that Drupal websites hosted on PHP 7.x delivers better performance experience, though some legacy themes or modules may still face incompatibility issue. Some Drupal site owners use PHP 5.6 as the environment for Drupal. Lots of cPanel or Plesk hosting providers offer the options on the version of PHP by domain, making it easy for customers to change the PHP version within a few clicks.

1-Click Install for Drupal

HK Drupal Hosting - 1-click InstallationIt helps save a lot of effort and time if your Hong Kong web hosting offers the automatic installation software like Softaculous, Mojo QuickInstall, or Fantastico to simplify the process of Drupal installation. You never have to create the user database and upload the files to the domain manually.

However, some “one click” installers may overwrite custom code which will cause functionality loss. For example, applying the core security changes to Drupal using cPanel upgrade process is risky because you may loss some important files. It has improved significantly with Drupal 8 as a “one-click” core upgrade is implemented.

Drupal Development Issues

Installation is just a small part during building a Drupal site. If you’re looking to have the a nice-looking website or a professional look like magazine website or corporate enterprise website, you might have to take pains to learn how to turn a simple homepage into what you want it to be.

Many website owners, especially small businesses choose to invest on a premium Drupal themes with installation profiles, which usually have included some third-party modules for running a complex Drupal site, in addition to an advanced theme with placeholder content as well as CSS customization. This streamlines the development process of getting a new website started; in the meantime, it saves money on web developer costs. So, it is necessary to consider the method a web host is using to program a custom-based website when choosing a cheap Drupal hosting in Hong Kong.

Drupal development requires working with themes, modules, images, text, custom code, and other multimedia files. Most codebase changes must be done manually through backend development, although some can be done via Drupal admin. Typically, Drupal site owners develop a Drupal site in two channels:

  • Use FTP to upload new themes, module and file changes;
  • Use the command line with Git & Drush;

The reality is, there’s still a number of shared web hosts failing provide their SSH access to customers unless they upgrade to a VPS/cloud plan or dedicated server.

Drupal Performance Issues

HK Drupal Hosting - Drupal DevelopmentCompleting the development process and getting your Drupal site online don’t mean everything is okay. You still have to pay attention to possible uptime and performance issues related to customizations of web hosting environment. As mentioned, a Drupal site running on a shared server requires a lot of server resources. As the site owner, you need to confirm that the .htaccess and php.ini files are editable to max file execution times and optimize the PHP memory limit.

Apart from web server resource usage, web traffic requirements and “slashdotting” issues are the most popular reasons forcing a Drupal site owner to upgrade to a higher-end VPS, cloud or dedicated server. To solve the problem, some shared hosting providers offer integrated CDN services which host multiple versions of website files in different data centers globally to increase performance during peak times of high volume traffic spikes.

Claim Bisend HK Drupal Hosting!

Bisend is experienced in offering optimized Drupal hosting service. Importantly, we have a Hong Kong data center to meet your requirements for delivering fast connection and highly reliable user experience to your visitors or customers in China.

Easy Drupal Site Setup

Bisend is a one-stop shop for all Drupal site owners, thus you can get everything ready in the same place, including domain name registration, Drupal hosting, and SSL certificate. Once sign-up, you can access all the hosting features and settings with the industry-standard Plesk control panel, which support 1-click Drupal installation as well.

Strong Security

HK Drupal Hosting - Bisend SecurityOur Drupal engineers and technicians ensures 24/7 uptime monitoring of the servers and infrastructure that run your Drupal site. We keep 30 daily backup copies of your Drupal site so that you can restore it as soon as possible to avoid dramatic damage to your revenue or traffic. Also, you can back up your Drupal site through Plesk control panel in the frequency as you like.

For a secure connection, you can enable the free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate via the Plesk. Or, you can purchase an SSL certificate from Symantec, DigiCert, GeoTrust, Comodo, etc. at Bisend SSL Certificate Store.

Blazing-Fast Speed

Bisend’s Hong Kong data center is leased from China’s most tech giant Baidu. Besides, we make use of the latest and best technologies available, including CloudLinux, SSD storage and CloudFlare CDN.

Multilingual Technical Support

Bisend has a team of Drupal experts to answer to any Drupal related questions via Live Chat, Email or Ticket system. You can reach our team at any time, day or night and we promise to give instant response, regardless of the language you’re using, Chinese or English.

Drupal is a powerful CMS that allows you to create a simple or complex website. The platform forms the backbone for more than 1% of all the websites on the web, ranging from personal blogs to government portals. If you strictly follow the above instructions, you can find the best Hong Kong web hosting for Drupal to serve your Chinese clients. If you have purchased a Bisend Hong Kong web hosting for Drupal, you may need to know How to Create a Drupal Website, please contact our support team should there be any problem.