How to Choose the Best Hosting for Your eCommerce Site?


After setting up your brand successfully, if you are planning to commence an online store, it’s important to choose the best eCommerce hosting service. Tons of eCommerce websites fail in creating an impact on the online market because of inefficient hosting. Choosing the wrong or unsuitable hosting service for your online business is regarded as a step towards bargaining with your company’s future.

Choose the Best eCommerce Hosting - How

When you choose the best eCommerce hosting service, you can reach more audience, generate improved leads and invest more time on the growth of business. In this article, we will discuss the factors you must consider for choosing the best hosting service for an eCommerce site.

Uptime Service

Uptime is the amount of time when prospective users can visit your site. It is an inevitable factor for choosing the hosting because it determines the accessibility of your site. If the visitors cannot reach your site at multiple occasions, they would not prefer shopping on your online store. Therefore, you must ensure that the selected hosting provider offers satisfactory uptime.

There are many web hosts that provide an uptime of 99.8% per year. Anything below this mark is inefficient because you can afford to cope up with greater downtime. Having said that, some hosting companies offer a remarkable 99.99% uptime which means that your site will have a downtime of not more than 50 minutes per month. To learn the uptime one company can provide, you can go to their data center page to see what equipment they use.


Online purchasers prefer an eCommerce site that offers a secured platform where customer’s information will not get leaked. Keeping this in mind, you should opt for the hosting service that provide SSL certificate. The Secure Socket Layer makes the risk of theft by hackers negligible. Optimum security can be obtained by choosing a dedicated SSL server.

Choose the Best eCommerce Hosting - Security Business plan include free private SSL certificate, which helps you protect your site and save money. Besides, if you choose the other plans, you can purchase a certificate at our SSL page. The certificates at our company are very cheap, starting at $49.99/year.


After considering all the primary services, you should take a look at the price of every hosting plans. Although services are of utmost importance, you cannot afford to go beyond your budget. Therefore, the ideal hosting service is the one that offers effective hosting at a competitive price.

Additional Infrastructural Services

There are several secondary services that add to the effectiveness of your online presence. This involves things such as managerial services, powerful tools and proper backup. You must choose the hosting service that provides these infrastructural services to your site. Each eCommerce hosting package include easy-to-use control panel with1-click script, enabling you to install popular eCommerce applications easily, including nopCommerce, Kentico, etc.

Customer Support

Choose the Best eCommerce Hosting - Customer Service

Although you may get all of the above offerings in a local hosting service provider, customer support is the area where many organizations lack. 24×7 customer support is an important factor because it allows you to contact your service provider whenever you face any problem in your hosting service. If you host your eCommerce site with us, you are allowed to contact us no matter when you are in trouble. We will reply you and help you solve your issue as soon as we receive your message. – The Best Option

Considering all the factors discussed above, is one of the most efficient hosting solution for your eCommerce site. Providing the uptime of 99.99%, appreciable disk space and latest version of ASP.NET, the is the preferable hosting service for numerous eCommerce websites. You can choose any of the performance-oriented hosting plans and pay a competitive price to ensure proper hosting of your site. With the 24×7 customer support, you can get in touch with our technical support representatives at any time.