How to Choose ASP.NET Web Hosting?


ASP.NET web hosting has won popularity among customers, especially the massive new generation of .NET developers. It has developed quickly and occupied over 40% market share. However, as ASP.NET works well only in the optimized Windows environment, it’s not easy to choose a suitable ASP.NET web hosting. The following tips can help you make a wise choice.

What is ASP.NET?

choose web hostingAs an open source web application framework, ASP.NET is used to help programmers produce dynamic web pages, pages and services. Besides, programmers can also build dynamic web applications and web services with this full featured programming.
It supports multitude of language development, among which the first two considerations are C# and VB.NET. For ASP.NET is based on the Common Language Runtime (CLR), programmers are able to used any supported .NET language to write code, which makes the development easier. Furthermore, developers are able to use MS Visual Studio with WYSIWYG forms to create great applications.

The Advantages of ASP.NET

With ASP.NET, there are several web solutions allowed to build, including social networking sites, business websites, web based applications and custom CMS & CRM. Frankly, no matter what type your website belongs, ASP.NET can be a good option for you because of its various advantages that make site building time-saving and effort-saving.

  • Security

By default, ASP.NET provides web applications with warranty and authentication schemes to keep high security consistently. The developers are allowed to add, delete or replace those schemes without taking too much effort.

  • Usability

With an event-driven and server-side programming tool, ASP.NET is easy to develop and maintain. And also, to make the deployment and configuration simpler, ASP.NET offers build-in configuration information without the need to register components. The introduction of view state helps to maintain a state of the controls between postbacks events automatically. For some users who are not familiar with code, it reduces a large number of codes used for large application building.

  • Performance

Multiple advanced technologies power ASP.NET, including smart caching, native optimization and just-in-time compilation to keep high performance on web development.

In a word, whatever the website or application you plan to create, ASP.NET can help you a lot on the web development. It is easy to operate without the need to handle too much professional knowledge, guaranteeing high security and performance. Actually, to make site building easier, you need to select a reliable and trust-worthy ASP.NET hosting provider.

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How to Choose ASP.NET Hosting

A excellent ASP.NET hosting provider can be a part of your success when developing a website. In addition, it also needs to offer enough resources like unlimited monthly bandwidth and disk space. Here, we list the necessary components of a qualified ASP.NET hosting solution, including .NET framework, Windows operating system, Internet Information Services (IIS), MSSQL,control panel and trust level. And now, let’s check the details as below.

  • .NET Framework

.NET is a software framework developed by Microsoft and the latest version is 4.5.  Microsoft has released multiple versions of .NET framework and different versions are distributed with the specified Windows servers.

You need to know whether the host supports the latest .NET Framework, which is a crucial element to run your website successfully.

  • Windows Operating System

Windows operating system, also known as Windows server, is the centre of an ASP.NET hosting solution.It is developed by Microsoft to run computers. When choosing ASP.NET web host, you should consider a lot about the version. For instance, when using IIS 6.0, you have to add the .MVC in the URL. Otherwise, you have to specify wildcard mapping, which is bad for performance.If the web hosting doesn’t introduce the specific Windows edition publicly, you should think twice about your decision.

  • Internet Information Services (IIS)

IIS is a service created by Microsoft and used to run the ASP.NET hosting, featuring ASP, JAVA and VB script along with some extensional functions. Besides, it includes some advanced features like FrontPage, Index Server and Net Show, making it easier to publish information on the Internet. By now, the latest versions of IIS are IIS 7.5, IIS 8.0 and IIS 8.5, which should be included in the Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2 respectively.


MSSQL, also called Microsoft SQL Server, is a relational database management system used to store and retrieve data. There are at least a dozen of MSSQL versions available for users, aiming to meet the needs of different audiences.  Most of the hosting companies use MS SQL Server 2008/2012/2016 Express Edition or its higher version, which can surely guarantee the website performance, scalability and extensibility.But we still suggest you to choose latest SQL server edition, with which the web host can provide unlimited database amount or the maximum size of a single database. Contrarily, if the host offers MS SQL Standard or Enterprise Edition, there are always many restrictions on the database operation or management.

  • Control Panel

Control Panel has been recognized as one of the most important parts of a hosting solution for it helps webmasters create and develop a website with ease. There are some control panels in the market particularly designed for ASP.NET hosting like WebSitePanel. With this user-friendly control panel, people are able to manage the domains, FTP accounts, Files, databases, and other applications without taking too much effort.

  • .NET Trust Level

.NET trust level is configured by its infrastructure on website level. The trust levels can be defined as Full, High, Medium, Low, and Minimal, within which The full trust has the highest trust and permission in local computer. When choosing a hosting service, you should be careful whether the host supports Full Trust.

When choosing an ASP.NET web host, all the factors above are essential. Besides, you also need to consider the performance, price, features and much more. can provide you an excellent ASP.NET hosting service with multiple ASP.NET versions.