What Is Web Deploy? How to Install It on Windows Server 2012?


Among many Microsoft tools, Web Deploy is the most significant one as it simplifies the deployment, migration and the management process of IIS servers, websites and web apps. If you are looking forward to use this tool for the processing of your website and web servers, then this piece of writing is surely going to tell you what web deploy is and what the benefits rendered by its use are. Give a quick read to this useful piece of information!

What is Web Deploy and what does it do?

What is Web DeployWeb deploy is a tool designed by Microsoft, which helps you in simple deployment of web apps and other IIS servers and websites. If you work as an administrator of your website, then you can make use of Web Deploy for synchronizing the IIS servers and migration to the new IIS versions. It also lets you use IIS manager for deploying PHP apps and ASP.NET apps to your IIS server. Here’s what Web Deploy does for you:

  • WebMatrix and Visual Studios are empowered by Web Deploy as it helps you in streamlining the deployment of web apps to the servers of IIS. When it is integrated with Web platform installer, it allows you to install web apps easily.
  • You can package the content of your web application, database and configuration with the help of Web Deploy.
  • Web Deploy is much faster as it performs a comparison at the initial stage of synchronization.
  • Web Deploy provides its support to all the transfers of HTTPS.
  • It sets up descriptors of security on directories and destinations files.
  • The tool helps you in publishing databases.
  • Web Deploy possess the ability to apply transformations during the process of deployment.
  • Web Deploy contains a rich and accessible model of extensibility which lets you create new scenarios.

Steps of installing Web Deploy on Windows Server 2012

steps of installing Web DeployHere are some detailed steps for installing Web Deploy on the Window server 2012:

1. You need to use web platform installer in order to install Web Deploy. In addition, you need to set up IIS configuration elements as they are important.

2. You must create non-admin user for deployment on your servers.

3. After that, you need to do the configuration of Web Deploy settings for publishing it in IIS.

4. In order to install Web Deploy, you need to use platform installer of Microsoft (WebPI). You can easily download it from the web. After downloading WebPI, now is the time to launch your installer, type “recommended” in the search bar. You have to select the option of “Recommended Configuration for Hosting Providers”. This can be done by clicking on Add option.

Install Web Deploy 1

5. By clicking on the option of “Items to be installed” present at the bottom, you will be able to see a list of what would be installed. Suppose you do not want to install PHP, then you can remove it.
Install Web Deploy 2

6. Click on the install button. After accepting the terms and conditions license, the installation will start.
Install Web Deploy 3

7. When the process is completed, you can easily close the WebPI. Now, you have to create a non-admin user that will be used with Web Deploy. For that, you have to open Sever Manager and then choose the option of Computer Management.

Install Web Deploy 4

8. After loading the Computer Management, you need to go to local users and group. Right click on the option of users folders and the choose New User.

Install Web Deploy 5

9. You must create a folder for containing Web Deploy and its publishing settings, which will be used later.

Install Web Deploy 6

10. The next step includes opening of IIS manager. For that you have to go to control panel and administrative tools, and then choose IIS manager. You will see the following prompt after launching IIS Manager:

Install Web Deploy 7

11. Click on the option of “Do not show this message again”. Now, you have to edit the publishing settings of your Web Deploy. For that, you need to choose your website and then right click on it and choose the option of Deploy and then Configure Web Deploy Publishing.

Install Web Deploy 8
Install Web Deploy 9

12. Now, you need to change the username of your newly created Web Deploy which was created with the help of above explained steps. Click on the option of Servername/Username for the purpose.

Install Web Deploy 10

13. After entering the username, you need to navigate to the line “Specify a location to save publish setting file” and then alter the path of the folder of Web Deploy that was created earlier. After that, click on the option of publish.

Install Web Deploy 11

This is how you can set up the configuration for Web Deploy, local user and folder of Web Deploy and configure accurate settings of the file for publishing to the test website on the IIS servers.