Why Bisend the Best SQL Server Hosting?


The SQL Server is a powerful, robust and fully featured SQL database system that was developed by Microsoft and works seamlessly with Microsoft .NET Framework and ASP.NET. In other words, for any Windows web hosting provider, Microsoft SQL Server must be the prior choice. The good news is, Bisend receives best-in-class service and support for Microsoft SQL Server from a rock-solid team of database support experts. We are confident about delivering the best SQL Server hosting experience.

Go on read the following introduction of Bisend SQL Server Hosting service.

Latest SQL Server Versions Supported

Bisend SQL Server HostingBisend understands the importance of support for the latest Microsoft SQL Server versions and the corresponding service pack level. Though you can still use SQL Server 2008, we strongly recommend SQL Server 2012, 2014, 2016 or even 2017 for extended features and enhancements.

Take the popularly-used SQL Server 2016 edition as an example, it comes with a comprehensive high-end database solution for improved data security, real-time operational analytics, in addition to rich data visualizations. Highlighted features include:

  • Always Encrypted Data security
  • Always On
  • Native JSON support
  • Stretch Database
  • Hekaton enhancements
  • In-database R analytics supported

For easy management, Bisend makes SQL Server Management Studio available. With the integrated environment, you can configure, monitor, and administer instances of SQL on your local computer or in the cloud.

Proactive, Customer-Focused Updates and Rollouts

Like many ASP.NET hosting companies, Bisend manages to roll out SQL Server version updates automatically. This is unusually helpful and proactive in promoting other technologies that can improve web hosting experience. Let’s Encrypt is a good example, and there’s a runner up.

Since the immensely faster ASP.NET Core 2.0 landed around 6 months ago, Bisend has gone the extra mile with a gentle nag message on all nopCommerce sites hosted on our servers running ASP.NET 1.0. By clicking through the message, you can easily update the script in Plesk control panel that automatically checks ASP.NET Core 2.0 compatibility as well as updates the running ASP.NET Core version. Thereafter, it informs you when it’s done so.

Business-Class Hardware

Bisend SQL Server Hosting HardwareWe have made a commitment to fast and reliable SQL Server hosting. Your websites will be hosted on only enterprise quality Dell servers driven by SSD technology and multi-core Intel Xeon processors. We also utilize top notch power and cooling equipment in our data centers, which are respectively situated at Chicago, United States and Hong Kong, China. So, wherever your targeted visitors or customers are, you can provide them the fastest page loading speed.

Free SSL Through Let’s Encrypt

SSL certificates have been a must-have element of a website nowadays. Whether or not you’re using your website to collect sensitive information, you need to ensure it is highly secure for purposes of building and retaining user trust as well as making it SEO friendly.

However, not everybody knows that SSL certificates can be very cheap, or even better, free of charge. Let’s Encrypt, FreeSSL and CloudFlare are the most famous SSL Certificate Authorities. They represent a massive effort to make SSL certificate accessible to anyone who needs it but who may not afford it.

Bisend has stepped up and implemented Let’s Encrypt into our hosting platforms. You can simply install and enable a Let’s Encrypt SSL (HTTPS) for your website on the Plesk control panel.

If you are running an eCommerce site or just want to upgrade your security level as your business grows, Bisend offers premium SSL certificates. No matter you need a single-domain, multi-domain, or a Wildcard SSL certificate, we can fully meet your needs without burdening you with expensive prices.

Services and Support

Bisend is an ASP.NET hosting specialist and we have been around for years. Since Windows servers are the only focus of our business, our support staff are knowledgeable about Microsoft products and services, including the SQL Server database setup, maintenance, backup, etc.

To build lasting customer relationships by addressing your specific needs, our support team round out your expertise with customized architecture, management, and migration services backed by 24/7 personalized support team. We promise to give instant response to every request via the live chat, email or ticket system.

Is SQL Server Hosting Right For You?

Before really launching a website, you need to decide on which software you’re going to run your website. The choice of database management software comes after.

Bisend is running under a content management system (CMS), which takes advantage of a database to hold and update content, user data and revision history. Usually, a CMS is tied to one database software.

ASP.NET based content management systems like Kentico, nopCommerce, or MojoPortal only support SQL Server databases. (Visit MS SQL Server vs. MySQL: Make Your Choice to find more information about similarities and differences between the two database systems.) To put it in a nutshell, whether SQL Server is right for you depends on what you’re going to be doing with your website.