What Is Node.js and Why Do You Need It?


Node.js – a technology that has been receiving a lot of appreciations and hype lately is one of the hottest frameworks introduced in Silicon Valley, whcih can be got from a reliable web host.  It is currently used by eBay, VMWare, Yahoo, Microsoft and many other technical companies of the world. Node.js is considered to be the best skill which can be used for opening up excellent opportunities of career for software producers like you. Read this article if you are interested in knowing what Node.js is and why you need it.

What is Node.js?

What Is Node.jsNode.js is a server-side environment of JavaScript. It runs with JavaScript with the help of V8 engine which is produced by Google for using them in their web browsers. Leveraged by V8 engine, Node.js provides you with an effective environment of runtime which gathers and then executes the functioning of JavaScript in fast way. The reason behind the excessive increase in the speed in that the V8 engine gathers with JavaScript in a native code of machine rather than interpreting or executing it with the use of byte codes. Node.js is actually an open source platform which runs on Linux, Windows and Mac OSX.

Besides offering high speed JavaScript execution, another magic is rendered by Node.js which is termed as Event Loop. In order to scale up larger volumes of the customers, all kinds of operations are performed in an asynchronised manner. This approach helps in the creation of non-trivial footprints of memory for a lot of clients. In order to reduce this problem, Node.js performs to maintain its Event Loop which organizes all such operations. This way, you are able to manage larger amount of operations like client computations and connections. The Event Loop manages the pool of threads and they play an important role in the optimization of executed tasks, so you can maintain your entire focus on the performance of your application only.

Why to Use Node.js?

Here are some reasons which explain why you need to use Node.js technology:


Use Node.js - SimpleChat is one of the most typical multiple user app. The application of chat is one of the best examples of Node.js. It has high traffic and contains data intensity and is lightweight as well. The application works on different devices at a time. It is considered as a perfect tool of learning as well. It is simple and covers all the aspects that you are going to use in the application of Node.js. The technology renders wonderful experience to you if you want to create an application of chat.


Node.js works perfectly with real time apps and it is very natural when it comes to exposing the data from DB objects like MongoDB.  The data which is stored in JSON allows Node.js to work without the need of mismatching and conversion of data too. You do not have to worry about the conversion of JSON and other things when you are writing your database. With Node.js, you can totally avoid the requirement of variant conversions with the help of sterilization of data format across database, servers and client.

Database Write-ups

Node.js has the potential of handling your connections in an effective manner. As the access of database can be blocked, you usually have to face problems. You can reduce the problem by observing the behaviour of your client before writing the data in the database. The entire system is able to maintain the overall responsiveness with heavy load, which is considered helpful at the time when the client do not show any need of confirmation of successful write up of the data. By using Node.js, you can handle the write offs of database and can easily deal with them.

Streaming of Data

Use Node.js - Streaming of DataHTTP responses and requests are treated just like those events which remain isolated in variant traditional platforms of the web. These responses and requests are actually streamed. Node.js can use this observation for building some really amazing features. For instance, it is easy to work on the files when they are in the process of upload. This is because the data comes out via stream and you can easily process it while staying online. This process can be easily done for video encoding and real time audio streaming. It can also be used for the process of proxying between variant kinds of sources of data.


Node.js is a server side proxy which can easily handle large number of connections in an easy and effective manner. The framework is quite helpful for the purpose of proxying variant kinds of servcies by using variant times of responses and collection of data from variant resource points too. This makes Node.js an effectively usable framework which can handle proxying services in a fast manner.  The infrastructure of Node is considered useful in case the structure of proxying is non-existent.