What is OV SSL and Why you Need it?


Organization Validation (OV) SSL certificates are the minimum level of protection required by e-commerce sites or other types of websites that process personal data from users.

What Do You Need to Validate an OV SSL?

Before issuing the OV SSL certificate, the Certificate Authority (CA) needs to verify your business registration information, in addition to the ownership of the domain name. In other words, some documents should be submitted to the CA and an OV SSL certificate lists information about domain as well as company. Usually, it takes 1 to 3 business days to complete the verification process.

Once an OV SSL certificate is issued and installed with a website, it displays the HTTPS and a padlock in the address bar of the end users’ browsers. On the Site Seal, the business’ information incorporated in the certificate is also visible.

What Is OV SSL?

OV SSL certificates were actually the first kind of SSL certificate. Back then, anyone who wanted to get SSL had to have their organization validated. As with the availability of DV and EV SSL certificates, individuals and businesses have more options in accordance with specific needs. However, OV SSL certificates remain popular among businesses on a budget or e-commerce sites.

Still unclear about OV SSL?

Let me make it straightforward by comparing DV SSL vs. OV SSL and EV SSL vs. OV SSL. Hope you know which type of SSL certificate to purchase and why OV SSL has exuberant vitality after reading the following information.


As you know, Domain Validation (DV) is the most basic level of SSL validation. As long as the CA ensures that you have the ownership of a specific domain name, it issues the certificate.

Though DV SSL certificates don’t verify the owner of a legitimate, it does ensure data encryption on your site. The whole verification process can be completed within a few minutes, making it a quick solution to protect your website using HTTPS. With a DV SSL certificate, users can see the padlock in address bar of their browsers, therefore increasing trust in your website.

On the other side, Organization Validation (OV) SSL certificates also authenticate the ownership of the domain name. In addition, they require legitimate business information for the company, therefore taking longer time to complete the validation process.  Companies and organizations where users must enter sensitive information like contact information, credit card numbers and etc. love using OV SSL certificates. Particularly, they are widely-used by e-commerce sites.


Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates are recognized as the most trusted and secure solution for world’s leading online businesses. Once you install it with your website, the certificate displays a green browser bar that guarantees security and reliability, along with your company name shown in the browser address bar. It makes it easy for visitors to believe that you’re a legitimate organization. In order to get an EV SSL certificate, you need satisfy requirements like organization authentication, operation existence, telephone verification, domain authentication, final verification call, etc. Though EV SSL certificates are more trusted and secure than OV SSL but EV SSL certificates are usually much more expensive. Besides, there is no EV wildcard SSL solution for protecting an unlimited number of subdomains under one domain name.

Compared to the Extended Validation requirements, the requirements of the Organization Validation are less and easier to satisfy. OV SSL certificates are also a symbol of trust and security. Importantly, they cost more reasonably and take shorter time to complete the validation process.

Best OV SSL Certificates

After confirming your business identity, an OV SSL certificate will be issued. For small and medium businesses that deal with e-commerce, purchasing an OV SSL certificate becomes the most cost-effective option to prove their existence and online identity. However, facing a number of OV SSL certificates and various Certificate Authorities available, people may get confused. To make it easier for them to do a decision, we list several highest price-valued OV SSL Certificates that you can feel safe to go with.

GeoTrust True BusinessID SSL Certificate

Price: $88/yr

If you’re looking for a cheap OV SSL certificate to boost your encryption and trust, you should not miss GeoTrust True BusinessID. In addition to top-of-the-line encryption, a widely recognized site seal, you can benefit from numerous trust indicators. What’s more, GeoTrust is one of the most trusted brands in the industry, in other words, they can assure you of a high-quality OV SSL certificate at a budget-friendly price, therefore creating instant trust with online visitors.

Symantec Secure Site Pro SSL Certificate

Price: $710/yr

Though Symantec experienced ups and downs in the past year, it is a top-level online security brand. Symantec Secure Site Pro goes beyond standard encryption, it offers one of the most trusted images on the web—the Norton checkmark. Due to that, your customers are able to instantly believe that you’re a reputable business and safe to make transactions with. Moreover, upon installation, you can benefit from malware scanning, a vulnerability assessment, and surprisingly, SAN support! If you want to secure more domain names, you just need to add it to the same SSL certificate.

Comodo Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate

Price: $295/yr

Comodo has been known as a high cost-effective online security products provider. Comodo Multi-Domain Wildcard is designed for businesses who have a lot of domain names on the same server. It allows for securing 2 wildcard domains by default. But you can also purchase additional SANs if you need more than 2 wildcard or non-wildcard domains. With your SSL purchase, Comodo gives you a free 60-day trial of cWatch Web Pro, which is a complete website Security-as-a-Service solution delivering an affordable yet comprehensive security stack for any website or application that’s fully managed by human cyber security analysts.

If you’re interested in any one OV SSL certificate mentioned above, please contact our sales representative and they will give you more detailed information and guide you through the purchase and installation processes.