Attention: Is Using Plesk Onyx Now!


Change can create evolution, this time, is up front to make innovation. With the building of new server platform, Plesk control panel also joins in the ranks of ‘innovation’ and is playing a significant role which can be recognized directly on the website construction and Bisend.comwebsite management.

As the constant developing of control panel market, more and more outstanding products leap to our eyes. While, Plesk Onyx becomes the preference of most web designers and developers and this new star attacks attention of

What is Plesk Onyx?

Plesk Onyx is a single control panel with an intuitive graphical interface, ready-to-code environment and powerful extensions.Supporting Windows and Linux operating system simultaneously, Plesk Onyx is a hosting automation system,which not only can support rapid data transferring but also can immensely decrease the website downtime.Plesk Onyx makes it easier for you to develop websites and apps.

Features of Plesk Onyx

In, Plesk works as the newest version Plesk Onyx 17.5.3 and provides much more on operations and options than previous versions. This newest version supports Docker Mirror deployment, Ruby Programming Language, Git management, one-click installation of WordPress and more applications. To be one of the best, Plesk has strengthened some conventional features and developed some new features.

Key Features

User-Friendly Interface – It is very succinct in the home page in which total function bars are on the left side, specific details and applications are in the middle part. In the right side, there are some additions      and short keys offering users more convenience. This page is so clear that contains all the tools, applications and functions for website construction and management.

Migration Manager – Some migration plug-ins make it possible to quickly migrate data from other control panels. Even without any scripts or codes, users can migrate their websites or files through Plesk. The    Website Importing is one of the representatives that based on the architecture migration.

Application Vault – To make the website construction easier, Pleas Onyx offers many one-click installation apps, WordPress, Drupal, joomla, forum software and more. Most of the popular applications can be installed by one-click and this feature makes it simple to build website quickly.

New Features

Git Support – As a very popular source code management system, Git is used by millions of developers in the global.
Docker Support – Docker is the premier container system for running distributed apps.
Usage Limits – The administrator privilege can control the subscriptions, plans and resources usage limits.
Node.JS Support –Node.js based on Chrome V8 engine, is a powerful JavaScript operation environment. Plesk supports the latest stable and LTS releases of Node.js.
Ruby Support – Except PHP, Plesk now also support the Ruby that is a web development language with full featured framework.
DKIM, SPF, DMARC Protection – DKIM, SPF, and DMARC Protection Plesk supports a number of anti-spam solutions for validation of mail messages identity. Plesk Hosting

All the users of, including the current users whose websites will be migrated to new server soon, will use the latest version of Plesk Onyx. Maybe some webmasters are not so familiar with this new control panel, and even doubt if this is a better choice rather than WebSitePanel we used before. While, all the worries are unnecessary since is always the professional and considerate hosting provider, we always make sure users get the best of the best.

Various Plesk Hosting Solutions mainly focuses on ASP.NET and has different kinds of hosting packages including shared web hosting, reseller web hosting and VPS hosting. Both shared hosting and reseller hosting supports Plesk Onyx control panel. In shared hosting, there are three options based on server space and other functions: Basic plan, Advance Plan and Business Plan. The three packages can perfectly meet different website construction needs.

Reliable Performance

The data centers of are based on US and HongKong. We can promise 99.99% uptime and fast loading speed due to the strong server configuration of 100% DELL servers with RAID5 with SSD,Dual processors,BGP connections,32GB+ RAM. Not just these significant server performance, is also cooperating with some Network operators so to ensure the speed and stability of websites operation. At the same time, the maximum bandwidth and more other top-level technologies can make sure the visitors get extremely rapid speed when access your websites.

Affordable Pricing 

Compared with other web hosting providers, the price in is absolutely affordable. The regular price of Shared web hosting starts at $2.95/mo. Besides, in these packages, some additions will be offered for free, such as the dedicated IP and SSL certificates. Of course, will make some promotion on occasion.

Comprehensive Support for Plesk Onyx has cooperated with Plesk company and been planning the launch for a long time,.To help the beginners to learn and use Plesk Onyx quickly, there will be a mass of introductions about Plesk at Support Center. And we will continuously keep the introduction of updated Plesk Onyx features in the blogs. In addition, there are specific tutorials from simple case ‘Log in to Plesk’ to professional part ‘Website Database’ which can meet the requests of both beginners and developers.

As well, has a team of professional technicians engaged in ASP.NET hosting business for years and with specialized training in both skills and supports. Whenever you have issues or concerns related to Plesk or hosting service, our support staffs are standing by 24×7 on livechat and email system to give you efficient assistance.

Outstanding Backup & Recovery

The new server is in good performance now. is responsible for performing a daily differential backup and a weekly full backup. In any case customers face entire site offline and data loss, they can have it restored quickly from the automated backups just from the Plesk Onyx interface.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee has an industry standard 30-day money back guarantee. It is especially re-assuring customers if they are pre-paying for an entire year for a better pricing.

Except for Plesk and what you learn currently, in, you can expect much more changes and progress.