How to Transfer .CN Domain Ownership?


The following is the .CN domain ownership transfer process. Besides, we also listed the matters that you need to pay attention to when you transfer your domain ownership.

1.Contact us and submit the following documents:

For Individuals: a scan copy of ID Card/Residence Booklet/Driving license/Passport

For Organizations:

  • A scan copy of Organization Code Certificate/Enterprise Business Certificate/Certificate of Public institution or organization with Legal person status
  • A scan copy of ID Card/Residence Booklet/Driving license/Passport
  • A valid email address of new owner

Attention: Both the related documents of current domain owner and new owner are required.

2.When  all required documents are submitted to us, if everything goes right, we usually will inform you within 1 -2 hours to send the following materials to [email protected].

  • A application form (filled by us)
  • The identity documents of current owner
  • The identity documents of new owner

3.In this case that the current owner correctly sent all required materials to [email protected], the current owner can get the feedback within 1 -2 working days. However, if you didn’t get the result after 2 working days, please contact us in time to confirm this.