Top Rated WordPress Backup Plugins for Your Website


Website backup is an essential method to secure your web content and prevent data loss. Besides, regular backup helps you find any vulnerability timely and leaves you enough time to solve it. Although some reliable hosting companies provide customers with automated backup service, you need to master skills on manual website backup.

As most webmasters wish to finish the backup with the most effortless method, they increasingly look for backup plugins that are easy to understand and install. In the market, there are thousands of options available for you, among which we pick out the best 5 WordPress backup plugins as below and introduce them to you for easier website backup.

Ready! Backup

This plugin aims to provide users with complete online backup and restoration on FTP accounts, email, files, plugins, databases and Dropbox. It backups all web content in an archive, making it easier to search for certain content. Both manual and automated backup are available for you. For the automatic backups, you are allowed to schedule the backup date so as not to forget to do it periodically.

Besides, the backup logs show you every website backup record orderly and help you get the information about what you’ve done clearly. As one of the most popular backup plugins in this filed, Ready! Backup always does it best to keep users’ websites from data losing or other issues caused by negligence on website backup. What’s more, no matter which country you come from, you can translate this plugin in native language.

Best WordPress Backup Plugin - Ready! Backup

Simple Backup

Simple Backup, as its name suggests, is a simple tool used to backup your website. Additionally, it has the ability to optimize WordPress and MySQL databases before backing up your website. All backup files are stored in a directory named as Simple backup in the root of the WordPress directory.

For some webmasters lacking time on routine website backup, this plugin helps them do automatic backup. Users are able to determine when to backup and how often to do it. You can view the scheduled backup status via email notification in real time. Note that, the basic requirements of this plugin is Linux based server with gzip, bzip, tar, or zip.

Best WordPress Backup Plugin - Simple Backup

Keep Backup Daily

Keep Backup Daily is a powerful backup plugin devoted itself to making regular website backup effort-saving. The main purpose of this plugin is to backup databases and inform the backup status via email. The backup period is available in every day, week, month or year, which is based on your needs.

For people who run a website overloading a large amount of information, this plugin is a good option to ease the burden on database by storing the backup files in a secure place rather than the database only.

Best WordPress Backup Plugin - Keep Backup Daily

WP Easy Backup

WP Easy Backup is a one-click plugin created to backup all web content including themes, plugins, media, and so on. It exports the backup content in a zip file. If you just move your site from one hosting provider to another, this plugin can quickly help you backup the whole website without losing any content. The backup process may take about 60 to 90 seconds according to how much content included in your website.

Now, the developers plan to release more features to improve this plugin. The upcoming functions include progress bar, downloadable site backup history, scheduler, and so on.

Best WordPress Backup Plugin - WP Easy Backup

Backup Scheduler

With Backup Scheduler, you are able to plan when to backup the website as you want.   It is also a customizable plugin that allows you to determine where to save the backup files, backup frequency, whether the backup is sent by email, and some other options to meet your maximum needs. This plugin utilizes the SL framework, which offers tools and frames to make the creation of new plugins simpler. And now, it has been translated into multiple languages, like German, English, Chinese, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, etc.

Best WordPress Backup Plugin -Backup Scheduler