What Is Domain Privacy Protection? Why Is It Important?


After knowing how to choose a good domain name, you can register a domain name with entering your entire personal information including name, phone number and email address can be immediately viewed by everyone. When it comes to buying a domain name, you have to fill in your appropriate contact information otherwise, the domain name registration can be terminated.

This information is targeted by telemarketers and spammers which results in unwanted contacts. You also have to face the risk of identity theft and other fraudulent activities by the stalkers and harassers. To protect your information, you can purchase the domain privacy protection when you are registering a domain name. This article is going to tell you what is domain privacy protection and will explain its importance in detail.

What is Domain Privacy Protection?

When the domain name is registered, you will be provided with the options of buying privacy for that particular domain. If you think that domain privacy protection is really significant for you, then WHOIS information will get replaced with forwarding service like domains are replaced by Proxy.

Domain privacy protection is utilized for protecting your personal information. The WHOIS information includes your name, email, phone number and other personal addresses that you provide for the domain name registrar. Without using the protection, this sort of personal information is viewable by everyone using the web services.

Importance of Domain Privacy Protection

Importance of Domain Privacy ProtectionThe process of domain privacy protection makes sure that the personal information will not get published on the web. The publicly visible details of contact are replaced by safety measures and alternative information is created which is then made available by your registrar of domain name. The attainment of domain privacy protection is really important if you do not want your information to be used by spammers and hackers. The basic benefits of domain privacy protection are listed as under:

1. Identity Theft

As your entire personal information is made available to everyone, it can be used by hackers to steal your identity. They can use your name and other personal information for theft and other fraudulent activities. Therefore, you can choose domain privacy protection for preventing yourself from such issues. You will not have to face the identity theft issues by having strong protection for your domain names. When your identity is stolen, it can be used for variant illegal activities. With domain privacy protection, you can save yourself from the massive problems.

2. Personal Protection

Privacy protection of domain name can help you in personal protection. You have to provide your domain name registrar with your accurate personal information. Otherwise, your name could be terminated becuase of violations of terms and conditions. The personal information gets displayed publicly in the WHOIS database as it is a requirement of ICANN. If you do not want your personal information to leak out, then you need to have domain privacy protection. Domain privacy protection makes sure that your personal information is protected and cannot be used by anyone for illegal means.

3. Illegal Commercial Emailing

As you have to provide your personal information including your email address to the registrar; hackers can use your email address for unsolicited commercial emailing. This can create certain issues for you on the web. If you do not like getting spammy emails and you do not want to waste your time in checking out these emails, then you need to have certain privacy. Therefore, domain privacy protection is badly required.

4. Unwanted Phone Calls

Unwanted Phone CallsYou have to provide your telephone number in addition to your personal information to the domain name registrar. The information can be viewed by every web user. People can use your telephone numbers and you might receive unwanted calls from them. If you want to avoid such kinds of undesirable phone calls, then you need to have domain privacy protection.

5. Spam and Junk Emails

You can get a good and firm control over your junk postal mails by having domain privacy protection. You will not receive unwanted spammy emails from the hackers. By having domain privacy protection, you can easily control the spam and other junk emails from your email account. The importance of domain name protection cannot be denied if you want to protect yourself from any kind of inconvenience in the future.

6. Protect Competitors from Finding Your Info

When your entire information will be saved with domain privacy protection services, you will be able to protect the competitors from using your information. Your personal and business information cannot be leaked out when you use domain privacy protection services. The competitors can steal your business information and can use it in their business strategies. You cannot tolerate if your competitors are using the same strategies as you are so you need to prevent your information. So, if you do not want your competitors to look in for your business and personal information, then you need to use domain privacy protection services for sure.