What is Domain Name?


Domain names are those unique names that help you in identifying the resources of Internet just like a website. They work like strings which identify and define the authority, control and autonomy on the web. Domain Name Systems (DNS) formulate rules for the creation of domain names. The names that are registered on the DNS are regarded to be domain names. The article of Domain Name System contains description of the domain names.

There are variant uses of domain names. They can be utilized in different applications and contexts of networking. You can also use them for the purpose of addressing. Generally, an IP resource is represented by a domain name.

What Is Domain Name?

what is domain nameDomain name is the most recognized element and an important part of a URL that is a set of directions containing full information about a website. Whenever you type a web address at the top of the window of your browser, it starts finding out the page that is being requested. For doing that, instructions are present inside the URL in the form of domain name. Therefore, you must keep such domain name for your web address that must point to the exact location. This is made possible with the help of an IP address.

Domain names are created in three level formats. The first level represents the kind of organization such as edu or com. The second level format of the domain name contains the name of an organization. The third level helps in the identification of a host server at that particular web address.

Kinds of Domain Names

Domain names exist in variant forms. Usually, three kinds of domain names exist including subdomains, addon domains and parked domains. These three kinds of domain names are discussed individually as under:


what is subdomainIt is not quite necessary that you register a new domain name when you have a perfectly working domain name. Instead of registering a new one, you can choose the option of creating a subdomain with the help of domain that you already have.

Subdomain is the web address of another website with its own content but it does not have a new domain name. Rather, you can make use of already existing domain name. You just have to alter the www to a new name.

Addon Domain

Addon domain is another kind of domain name that can be easily created with the help of control panel. You can regard it as using variant packages of hosting which share one control panel. Email addresses can be created by you in the same way you create for your primary domain name. All the files share one control panel and the server. This is the only difference.

Parked Domain

what is parked domainParked domains are usually utilized by the business. Businesses usually have to use more than one web address for the sake of marketing. Therefore, they create parked domains for the purpose. According to the definition, parked domains are extra domains that are hosted on the account. These domains display similar websites like your primary domains. They also possess the ability of sharing the same web stats. However, a separate email box can be given to your parked domain.

Let’s suppose that you own domain1.com. It is the primary domain of the account of your control panel. You can easily create another parked domain as domain2.com. The content of domain1.com will be loaded. When you visit domain2.com, you will see same content displaying in front of you but the web address would be different i.e. http://domain2.com/. Similarly, you can also allocate a separate box of email to the second parked domain. Businesses utilize this kind of domain name for advertisement purposes.