What Is Dedicated Application Pool?


A dedicated application pool is a specially designed application pool that is made to tell your applications apart from other users, which increases the effectiveness and security of your website. Problem is that there are few opportunities for every Windows hosting company to provide dedicated application pools, and fact is that numerous companies offer one application pool shared by many users. Under such circumstances, a lot of passive impact exists accordingly, the website cannot operate effectually.

In fact, many people don’t think it’s necessary for them to have a dedicated application pool, nor do they have realized the significance of it. Let us say, if any of your distributors has problems with his site, then how about yours, will it be out of struck? Perhaps no. Besides, you will find that your website will be slowed down when the application pool is burden with too many loads. Imagine, if there is a small swimming pool crowded with many people one next to another, do you think they can enjoy swimming at will? Probably not.

However, with a dedicated application pool we offer, people who don’t want to share resources with others will no longer be bothered by those worries. As we have mentioned above, the application pools are isolated, so the user whose account is restricted is able to prevent threats from other source. For those companies which need reliable and secure websites, hosting with a reliable web host offering a dedicated application pool to each customer is especially helpful and strongly recommended.