How to Improve Your Site Conversion Rate?


Conversion rate is a measure of the number of prospects that take the action to make a purchase. In terms of site conversion, it refers to the percentage of your site visitors who make a purchase. As a website owner, it is normal for you to focus on larger number of visitors, but it is always recommended to take steps to improve your conversion rate. Here are 10 ways how to increase conversion rate and give a boost to your profits.

1. Conduct A/B Testing

Improve site conversion rate - conduct a/b testingWhen it comes to site conversion rate, it’s all about testing and improving. A/B testing is something that need to be started even before your website goes live. So what is A/B testing? It is a method, also referred to as split testing for optimizing your site’s conversion rate. For example, you could test different titles for your page by running a split test to determine which one is the best. You may also create multiple versions of your web pages and conduct A/B tests. The version with higher conversion should be your final choice.

2. Deliver Value

Your conversion rate also depends on the value you deliver through your site. It is more specifically referred to as value proposition. So what is value proposition? It is because of the value that deliver that your potential customers will choose you. Most often, marketers and designers focus on improving conversion rates by modifying design elements and incentives on websites. But as a webmaster or marketer, your first priority should be to strengthen your value proposition.

  • Differentiate your value position from the competition.
  • If it’s difficult to differentiate from the competitor on all values proposition, make sure that there is at least one where you stand out from the crowd.

3. Know Your USP

Your Unique Selling Point is what makes you different from your competitors. Most businesses in fact don’t know what their USP is. Don’t be one of them. Your company will also have one and you should find it and promote it. It could be anything:

  • Competitive prices
  • Better customer service
  • Unique products
  • Free delivery

Make sure to inform your visitors and potential customers about your USPs.

4. Don’t Waste Visitors’ Time

improve site conversion rate - do not waste timeIf you are serious about how to increase conversion rate, don’t waste your visitors’ time. Avoid asking for too much information. If the user feels that lots of information is required to go through the sales process, they will more easily leave your site. For example, don’t ask for a visitor’s email address before allowing them to download your product details in a PDF file. Similarly, it is better not to ask for their phone number when all you need is to fill an email form.

Similarly, it is recommended not to force a buyer to create an account in order to make the purchase. Give them the option to move ahead with the purchase with their email.

5. Create a Sales Funnel

Avoid jumping to the sales proposition too early. This is one of the mistakes conducted by many online businesses. People come to your site for information before making a buying decision. New visitors are most likely not ready to make a purchase.

The simpler you make the process, the more people are likely to commit. Create a sales funnel where you can gradually guide your visitors from initial interaction to information to the sales stage. This can be done using the following steps:

  • Begin by offering free valuable information or advice – in the form of whitepapers, free reports or blog.
  • Build trust.
  • Give visitors good reasons to join your email list.
  • Start moving them to your sales pages, encouraging sales.

Make sure to take your prospects slowly through the sales funnel. In fact, they should find results and value even before moving towards the sales process.

6. Address Any Doubts

People are going to react in different ways to your offer. Some may object and hesitate in taking your offer. Because most of the time you cannot know which visitors have such issues, it is recommended to address such doubts in your sales copy itself. This will require brainstorming to create a list of all the potential objections/hesitations your target audience may have. It may also require seeking help from others.

7. Build Trust

improve site conversion rate - build trustIf you are able to build trust with your potential customers, it will help in improving your conversion rate. There are 4 main reasons why people will not buy your products or services.

  • They don’t need your product/service.
  • They need your product/service but don’t have the money.
  • They need your product/service but they don’t need it urgently.
  • They don’t trust you.

Most of your visitors will not purchase from you because of the top 3 reasons and you can’t do much about it. However, you can always build trust. If you are able to build their trust, you will notice significant improvements in your conversion rates.

8. Clarity & Openness

Be honest with your potential customers. It will help in winning their trust and can help in making them your long-term customers. Therefore, if you have a specific product out of stock, make sure to let it know. Don’t annoy your potential customers, as it will easily send them off to your competitors.

This also applies to pricing. It is always recommended to be clear and concise about the pricing from the beginning. The costs must be all inclusive – including the taxes and shipping. Similarly, it is recommended to be as honest and clear about all the information with your potential customers.

9. Always Keep Your Users Informed

Keep your potential customers and buyers informed about their products or interests. For example, if someone makes a purchase, keep them informed via email and/or text when their product will reach. This improves your conversion rate by encouraging them to recommend you. This will also increase the chance that they return to make more purchases from you.

10. Create an Easily Recallable Brand & Website

Make a site that is more memorable. One way to do so is to provide information on it. Add articles and reviews for your visitors to learn about your niche and benefits. It is during this initial stage that your visitors are going to connect with your brand and site, and it is your job to create a favorable impression. Doing so will increase the chances that they will return to buy from you.