How to Change Your Primary Domain in WebSitePanel?


In this guide, we mainly talk about how to change your primary domain in WebSitePanel. For example, is your current primary domain name and is the domain you are changing it to and you want the to show the content display on previously.

1.Create a new top-level domain name in WebSitePanel by following the steps in this post and here we name this domain as After this, in the Web Sites section, you can see there are 2 sites.

Change Primary Domain 1

2.Then, click and scroll down to click the “Delete” button to delete this site.

Change Primary Domain 2

3.Then, you will receive a message asking are you sure to delete this site. Click OK button to proceed.

Change Primary Domain 3

4. Then, open the site and change its Root Folder to and click “Save Changes” button.

Change Primary Domain 4

There is also another way to change the Root Folder of In the WebSitePanel homepage, open File Manager and move all the files of to Remember to choose as destination folder and click “Move” button to save your changes. If you do not know how to do this, follow the steps of moving a file in this guide.

Change Primary Domain 5

Once you have proceeded the 4 steps above, you have successfully changed your primary domain name and you will see the content displayed on when you visit