How to Set up URL Rewrite Map with IIS Manager 8


Being a part of the online world, millions of websites set up URL rewrite map with IIS Manager on various occasions. If you have ever felt the need for a replacement URL, you probably know the importance of the URL Rewrite Map. In case you don’t, rewrite maps allow you to create a fresh set of rules. As the result, you can replace the normal URL with the replacement URL to implement a new set of rules.

Today, we will discuss the process to set up URL rewrite map with IIS Manager 8. Before starting, you must make sure that the procedure is being executed by a professional having fair knowledge about IIS Manager 8.

Steps of setting up URL Rewrite Map with IIS Manager

To begin with the procedure, you must have the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager 8 installed on your desktop. If you don’t have the software yet, you should download and install it from an authorized source. Once the software is installed, you have to run it as an administrator.

Set up URL Rewrite Map 1

As soon as the IIS Manager 8 Dashboard appears on the screen, you can begin with the actual procedure. On the first screen, you need to connect the software to the site. This can be done by inserting the login information, i.e. your username and password.

Set up URL Rewrite Map 2

When the IIS Manager connects to your site, a new window consisting of many options appears on the screen. Here, you need to choose the URL Rewrite option from the list.

Set up URL Rewrite Map 3

In the URL Rewrite menu, you will find an Actions bar on the right side of the window. You will find View Rewrite Maps option in the list. Select the option to open the URL Rewrite Maps window. Now, you can set up URL Rewrite Map with IIS Manager by clicking on the Add Rewrite Map option.

Set up URL Rewrite Map 4

Upon the selection, pop up window will appear, where you have to name the rewrite map by inserting a unique name. Click on OK to save the settings and move to the last step of the procedure. In the next window, all you need to do is insert the old value in the Original Value box and the new rewrite map in the New Value box.

Set up URL Rewrite Map 5

Once done, you can click on the OK button to save your settings. Now, you will notice that the URL Rewrite Map has been created successfully.