How to Add a Domain Pointer?


If you have domains including,,,, and you want all the other 3 directed to, you need to using domain pointers that allow you to point several domains to a single specific site. Now, follow the steps in below to learn how to add a domain pointer in WebSitePanel.

1.Log into WebSitePanel.

2.Click Web Sites option in the Web & Applications section.

Add a Domain Pointer 1

3.In the new page, click the website you want to point to.

Add a Domain Pointer 2

4.Then, click Add Web Site Pointer button.

Add a Domain Pointer 3

5.Now, select the domain name you want to point to the destination site and click Add Pointer button to complete.

Add a Domain Pointer 4

6. Then, you will see that you have added a domain pointer successfully.
Add a Domain Pointer 5