Best Keyword Research Tools


After reviewing dozens of keyword research tools, we have selected several of the best ones, all of which are popular with millions of webmasters and professional editors all over the world and come with the ability to help you choose the right post keywords to make your post search engine friendly.

In addition to using the following keyword research tools, there are many other methods to optimize a website. However, before choosing a suitable method, you first need to make clear what influences the search engine ranking and tips to rank high in search engine.  If you are running a WordPress site, you are able to make your site SEO easily by using the best WordPress SEO plugins.

In below, we have worked a post to make a brief introduction of the selected tools. Now, move on to learn the details.


Wordtracker is recognized as one of the best keyword research tools, widely used by a large number of people all over the word and claiming that they are able to reveal high-performance keywords in minutes. In addition, by using this tool, you are capable of boosting search engine rankings, discovering profitable new market niches and attracting targeted and profitable traffic to your site, without spending much time.

When you are using Wordtracker to find keywords, you just need to simply type in the keywords you are thinking and then this tool produces 2 thousand relevant keywords in a single search. Besides, this tool provides you with valuable competitive data, so that you are able to narrow down your keyword list to the high-performance ones that can bring you favorable results.
best keyword research tools - Wordtracker

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a free keyword research tool, which is released by Google and stays at the top of the collection of the best keyword research planners. Once you have a Google AdWords account, you are able to use this service by simply log into your Google AdWords account and hover over Tools section and click “Search for new keyword and ad group ideas”.

The next step is to enter the keyword you want to use in the box under “Your product or service”, then click the button “Get ideas” you are able to see the average monthly searches, competition, and suggested bid of the keyword you entered. Besides, in below, there are detailes of 800 relevant keywords.
best keyword research tools - Google keyword Planner


HitTail guarantees that you are able to find the best keywords for your post to increase your organic search traffic. HitTail pays all its attention on analyzing visitors from search engines and the keywords they use and has helped users analyze more than 1.2 billion keywords. In addition, this tool unlocks the competitive advantage contained in your traffic and provides you with the most promising keywords you should target based on your existing traffic.

What’s more, HitTail is able to analyze your traffic, offering you all the data contained in your web traffic so that your competitors can’t access to it.
best keyword research tools - HitTail


WordStream offers several free tools, including the Free Keyword Tool, Free Keyword Niche Finder and Free Negative Keyword Suggestion Tool. If you want to find the right keywords for your posts, you just need to the keyword you plan to use in the rectangle under Free Keyword Tool and click the button “Get Suggestions”. Then, you are able to see relative frequency, Google search volume, WS search volume and competition of the keywords.

In addition, the Free keyword Niche Finder is able to deliver structured keyword suggestions after users entering a keyword to find their most profitable pockets of keyword chances.
best keyword research tools - WordStream

Keyword Eye

Keyword Eye is a useful keyword research tool, coming with a great number of features and reports. With this tool, you are able to do keyword and competitor research easily. Keyword Eye expands your keyword research with their visual keyword brainstorming tools and helps you find what keywords a domain or specific URL is ranking for. In addition, this tool is able to help you analyze keyword trends and discover what questions people are searching for containing your keyword.

This company has released 2 plans for people, the free one comes with 10 keyword searches per day, 25 Google country keyword databases and up to 100 keyword suggestions per account. However, if you choose the paid one, you are given much more features like content analyze tool, question finder tool, link analysis tool and so forth.
bets keyword research tools - Keyword Eye