Top 5 WordPress Security Plugins to Secure Your Website


Security issue is enemy number one for all websites for it always causes a series of troubles which make it hard to run a business. As thus, webmasters value site security highly and go out of their way to improve the security level by using several methods. In addition to choose a reliable web host which has the ability to provide you with a secure environment, getting help from a security plugin is a new trend in this field.

There are thousands of security plugins in the market. As many people prefer to search for a suitable one from, we review more than 100 items and finally select these best WordPress security plugins in the following.

All in One WP Security & Firewall

As the name suggests, this plugin brings you more than just you need. It is easy-to-use and aims to protect the security of your user login, system file, user account, database, and so on. Additionally, this item makes firewall setup easier and integrates with a simple user interface to help users finish operation effortless.

For it features backlist function, you can ban people by utilizing a wild card or specifying IP addresses & user agents. Thus, some unwanted information can be forbidden effectively. Besides, the security scanner detects security issues and alerts you if there is any problem happening on your website, which is an effective and fast method to locate the fault.
WordPress Security Plugin - All in One WP Security & Firewall

Wordfence Security

Till now, Wordfence Security has been popular with more than two million people in the market and has won a good reputation. This is an enterprise-class WordPress plugin for free, mainly used to secure and speed up the user’s website. Once installing this plugin, it scans all source code on your website and compares the collected information to the Official WordPress repository, making safety protection rigorous and speeding up your website up to 50 times faster. If you have an exact demand on website security and speed, Wordfence is made for you.
WordPress Security Plugin - Wordfence Security

6Scan Security

6Scan Security provides users with top-level security protection on their websites. With frequent site scans, it is easy to detect the security issues on your web content and send a notification to you at the first time, which reserves ample time for you to think out a valid solution. Besides, this plugin integrates with a powerful firewall that plays an important role in preventing hack attacking, virus, spam, and some other threats to your website.

For some people always forget to backup web content regularly, causing loss of files or data more often than not, 6Scan Security offers automatic backup to avoid loss of anything on the site. By featuring web analytics, this plugin is able to provide you with the most comprehensive data analysis and help you know better about your site.
WordPress Security Plugin - 6Scan Security

WebsiteDefender WordPress Security

This plugin is specialized in ensuring WordPress installation security. Once finding out any vulnerability, WebsiteDefender WordPress Security offers reports including detailed information and the way to fix the issues. It is a great method for the newbies who lack experience on dealing with security problems.

Based on our real using experience, we find that this plugin is a powerful option with a wide variety of advanced features. The easy backup of WordPress database is a good idea to prevent data loss and retrieve the lost web content. Moreover, this item thinks a lot on password strengthening, file permission security, version hiding, and so on.
WordPress Security Plugin - WebsiteDefender

Total Security

Total Security aims to discover any suspicious thing happening on the website. Once detecting something amiss, this plugin will send you a report about what the problem is and how to fix it with the easiest methods. Besides, it keeps monitoring your website regularly for security weaknesses and effectively stops the threats caused by hackers.

WordPress Security Plugin - Total Security

SiteGuard WP Plugin

This plugin is developed to protect websites against the attack of brute force to the management page and login. It is easy to use, you can install and configure it easily with just s few clicks. After installing this plugfin at your site, you can use many functions of it to secure your website, including admin page IP filter, rename login, CAPTCHA, login lock, login alert, and so on.
siteguard WprdPress security plugin