The Difference Between Cheap and Affordable Web Hosting


It’s common that people prefer a hosting which come with rich features, good quality and low price. As most of web hosts provide hosting services with close features, even their price is close. So how to find a good quality web hosting at an affordable price become tough as what really distinguish then are the customer service, reliability of the server and page loading speed. In below we will discuss about the different between cheap hosting and affordable web and affordable web hosting

The Difference Between Cheap Web Hosting and Affordable Web Hosting

Normally, when a web hosting with a price lower than $3/mo, we will name it as a cheap hosting. It’s really hard for them to maintain a good quality of the service. And there might some hidden fee which will bring very negative feeling to you after subscription. However, the affordable web hosting usually come with a price from $3/mo to $10/mo, and include rich features, great customer support, and secured hosting service. In most case, an affordable web hosting package is more expensive than a cheap web hosting, however it provide more quality services as well.

The Truth of Cheap Web Hosting

Typically, when choosing cheap web hosts, you can find tricks in their services. In order to attract more customers, many cheap web hosting companies provide a low price, but actually offer a bad service.

Unnecessary Charges

How can a cheap web host earn money? The main method is recommending add-on services and software to their customers, such as the extra disk space, bandwidth, backup service, premium support and some applications. After adding on those extra charges, the cheap web hosting service is not cheap anymore.

Bad Performance

And as a good web host, 99.9% uptime guarantee is necessary, but for cheap web hosting, their downtime records are abysmal. With cheap web hosting service, customers cannot transfer their data smoothly and upload the files in a high speed.

Poor Technical Support

cheap and affordable web hostingMany cheap web hosts offer no or bad technical support, and some companies even require an additional charge for the support. When having a problem about the website, you are not able to get an immediate solution from their poor technical support.

High Risk With the Long Term Subscription

Many cheap web hosts request their customers to subscribe a long term service which is cheaper than the short term. When customers are not satisfied with the service, they need to undertake the loss by themselves.

Affordable Web Hosting

Affordable web hosting just makes different sense. There are many advantages of affordable web hosting, which provide customers outstanding hosting service with effective-cost.


The price of affordable web hosting is only slightly higher than cheap web hosting, but the service is much better. Different from cheap web hosting, there are few additional charges or hidden fees in the service. For some items that require additional charges, such as add a new domain name, the cost will be a bit less.

Rich Features

Affordable web hosts are able to offer enough storage space, bandwidth, databases, and scripts. Besides, the hosts also provide user-friendly control panel and one-click installer, which are usually not available to cheap web host.
cheap and affordable web hosting

Uptime Guarantee

Affordable web hosting company offers uninterrupted and redundant network. They often hold less than 1% downtime standard, even make a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Professional Support

Affordable web hosting is also good at customer service and tech support, which is available to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whenever customers ask for help, they can respond promptly.

Money Back Guarantee

If customers are unsatisfied with the service, they can apply for a refund to cut the loss in maximum limit.

Conclusion: Affordable Web Hosting is A Better Choice

To have a better hosting environment, you should choose an affordable web host. Many affordable hosts can provide you qualified service with an effective cost, such as, which just prices at $3.95/mo and also offers customers outstanding services. Visit, and get more detailed information.