How to Choose a Good Domain Name


When starting a website, choosing a good domain name is the first step. Generally, people pay more attention to the design process without noticing the first thing visitors see and remember is always the domain name when they visit a website. When building a blog, forum or e-commerce website, several things should be considered when choosing a proper domain name.choose domain name

Steps for Choosing a Good Domain Name

1. What is a domain name? A domain name is the unique URL or address of a website, which distinguishes itself from other websites on the World Wide Web.

2. Domain name and site association. When you choose a domain name, you should always choose the one similar to your website’s name as possible as you can. If your domain name and website’s name are totally different, visitors may get confused, especially when you are running an e-commerce website.

3. Don’t get too fancy with the domain name. Choose an easy-to-remember domain name that is short. In most cases, when choosing your domain name, the shorter the better, ensuring people can easily remember your domain and come back to your site often in the future. Also, remember to avoid using acronyms, dashes or other symbols which may make potential visitors confused for the first time.

4. Always keep your customers in mind. When you choose a proper domain name, you should do a research and always keep your customers’ preference in mind, but not yours. Others may not like the name you choose.

5. Back up regularly. When you decide to register a domain name, remember to prepare a few different names in case that your first choice is already taken by others. A unique domain name means a better chance. Also, remember that there are other domain designations besides .com, such as .org, .net, .co, or .mobi (for cell phones and PDAs). You can choose a proper one depending on the type of website you have or want to build.

6. Short and Sweet – The shorter the domain name is, the better it will be. Even you can register a domain up to 67 characters, but please never do it. A shorter name will be easy to remember in most case, and it’s also add value to your online brand as everyone know short domain is expensive than a short domain name.

choose good domain name7. Consider Alternatives – One thing need to keep in mind is that your domain name is your brand online. People find you through search engine, however other this, they will input your domain in browser and come to your website. So a short and easy to type (or rememeber) domain is a king to be successful online. If your domain is not easy to remember or spell, it’s a good idea to find an alternative.

It’s actually ok if your domain name doesn’t include your company name, but it should have connections to your service, might be your product brand name, and etc.

8. Hyphens: We need to use Hyphens carefully. If you a new to online business, then it’s most likely the domain name you want to register has been registered by some one else. One option to add Hyphens, and make your domain a little bit long but still include all the meaning of your business.

This might be a good idea for a startup, but when you become successful, you will have pressure to get the domain without Hyphens to make sure it’s not bought by your competitors and cause some branding issue online.
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9. Dot what? – Up to now, there are many domain suffixes available, such as .com, .net, .org, and .biz. In most cases, the more unique the top level domain is, the more available the domain names are. The .com top level domain is always the most widely used domain on the Internet because it was the first extension put into use in commerce and has won incredible popularity. As for .net domain name, it’s the second most popular domain name extension in commerce. So if you cannot get a .com domain name, you can choose a .net domain name.

10. Long Arm of the Law – According to Internet Domain Name law, the trademark owner has the right to claim the domains with a register fee only even it’s registered by someone else already. So, when registering domain, it’s important not to register a domain name with trademarked names included. As if your domain name become popular, the trademark owner could issue a case and take the domain for their own usage.

Warm Tips

Even if your domain name has been registered by someone else, if you really want it, then you should not give up. You can go to some domain trade market to see if the owner is selling the domain there now, if yes, you can pay some extra money to get it. Some of the well-known trade market include Sedo, Alibaba, and etc. If the price is affordable to you, then make sure get the best domain name for your website.

Also when registering a domain, find a trusted domain register. Hundreds of thousands web sites are offering domain registration service, do some research, and find one with good reputation to work with. One good example is, who has been offering domain registration service to over 500K domainers and will be a good choice to help you register the domain.