How to Make Money From a Web Hosting Affiliate Program?


If you’re a top blogger or internet marketer, and you’re interested into affiliate marketing, you should figure out whether your niche enables getting into web hosting affiliate programs. Web hosting affiliate has been one of the most lucrative affiliate programs on the web.

A lot of people are making up to thousands of dollars from commissions through promoting and selling different web hosting services. Nowadays, nearly every hosting company offers affiliate earning possibilities, Bisend is in no exception. Particularly, if your website content involves how to start a website or how to choose web hosting plan, web hosting affiliate can always be helpful for you to earn more than from other Adsense or other Ad network.

How to Choose an Affiliate Program to Promote?

There could be many high paying affiliate programs, you cannot promote them all right away. Instead, do some research in advance and take the following characteristics into consideration.

#1. It works for me.

While there are so many products and services available on the internet, you need to figure out who really work well just as they’ve promised.

You can still promote some imperfect products because of the huge commission promise or following the very prevalent rampant mentality—you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. But, you’d better not do that. Doing such thing may badly hurt your credibility, and is harmful for a long-term sustainable business.

#2. I’ve used it myself.

It’s a good idea that you only promote a product or service as an affiliate when you’ve bought and used it yourself. Or, at least someone you know very well used it. Only in this way can you discover both the pros and cons of the product or service, and write more quality reviews or credible case studies. Keep in mind that the number of readers who click through your affiliate links relies on how trustworthy your content are.

#3. Trusted brand.

It’s advisable that you promote affiliate programs of a person or company that you already know and trust. You have confidence in the quality of their products and that customers will be satisfied with them. Usually, these brands make the top affiliate programs.

Another reason is that people tend to search and buy from trusted brands, which also leads to a lower refund rate. That saying, you can keep more of your affiliate commissions.

#4. Evergreen.

Some successful bloggers can make tons of money within a short period from promoting product launches. But that also means they have to do a lot of work. Rather than stuff in so many tasks for a day and not finishing them, you can pay more attention to programs that you can always promote and where you are able to earn continued commissions for up to years.

If you find a web hosting affiliate program meet all above 4 characteristics, consider taking the time to promote them.

How to Promote a Web Hosting Affiliate Program?

1.Write a blog post about it.

Blogging has been the most widely-used method to promote web hosting service. There are more than one techniques to do this, including:

Introduce the web hosting company and what it offers, listing all authority features included in its packages.

Write a comparison post since people are likely to search for answers especially when they choose between two web hosts. You can promote both or just promote one. It depends on how smart you write your review.

Share your complaints. You don’t have to recommend every web hosting company. Instead, you can focus on the bad side of it, for example, you can explain why you’ve moving from the web hosting company to another.

If you happen to find a well-known company or celebrity is using your preferred web hosting provider, you can mention it in your post to enhance persuasion.

2.Create an eBook.

Instead of concentrating on the web hosting per se, it’s a good idea to introduce more details of the web hosting company or package. For example, if you’re writing an eBook about how to create a WordPress website for beginners, you could involve the recommended WordPress hosting plan on the chapter where you talk about domain names and hosting.

3.Build a website dedicated at reviewing and comparing web hosting programs

Promoting several web hosting companies or plans at the same time can help increase your sales revenue. It is also the reason why so many websites aimed at web hosting emerging here and there.

Specifically, you can make your blog posts as simple or as comprehensive as you like. For example, you could develop a chart that welcomes visitors with the Top 10 Web Hosting companies; or, you can just maintain a blog with helpful tutorials like “why is Bisend the best alternative to XXX”, “pros and cons of Bisend”, and so on.

4.Use social media.

It’s very popular to promote your web hosting affiliate links on one or multiple social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. They can be good complimentary to your website while you can also treat them as a standalone promotion technique. Facebook and LinkedIn now allow for creating a business page to market your links exclusively on that page or via Facebook ads.

5.Make use of ad banners.

In addition to hard-selling on a blog post, landing page, or email newsletter, the ad banner space is a good resource to take advantage of. If you don’t want to use the banners offered by the web hosting company, just create an attention-grabbling, one-of-a-kind banners that fit your website.

6.Post an article on other blogs.

On the internet, the fastest way to make your website an authority in certain field is building relationships with other authorities in the industry. When you have the chance to make a guest post on another blog site, try your best to squeeze in your web host affiliate links in it.

There are still many other effective ways to sell web host affiliates. It is easy to find the best web hosting affiliate program if you think a bit more about it. After select the program, you can start promoting hosting plans and just follow the tips mentioned above, you can earn a good sum of money as an affiliate marketer.