What is the difference between DNS Update and Domain Transfer?


In this article we explain some commonly used terminology surrounding the transfer of domain names and records. Some of the information provided here is based on the assumption that you are opening a web hosting account using a domain name that you already own.

You can open a new Bisend.com account using a domain name that you already own. Once you successfully order form submission, we will set up your account instantly. Our hosting platform will be set up to accept your domain name.

In order to get your domain name to function with our hosting platform, you will need to perform a DNS update for your domain name record.

DNS update 
When you update the name servers for your domain name you are instructing the DNS servers on the internet to point the traffic for your domain name to our DNS (or “name servers”), which are:

NS3.BISEND.COM (if necessary)

You should be able to accomplish the update using a web interface provided by your domain registrar. Our knowledge base contains instructions on how to accomplish the updates for some of the most popular Domain Registrars.

Your current domain registrar will continue to manage your domain. For example, you will pay them for your domain renewal fees.

Domain transfer 
When the term domain transfer is used, it is typically in reference to a domain registrar transfer. A domain registrar transfer takes place when you transfer your domain from one domain registrar to another. For example, from Network Solutions to GoDaddy. The new registrar takes over management and billing for your domain.

Bisend.com is not a domain registrar. Therefore, you will not perform a domain transfer when you open a new account with an existing domain, you will be performing a DNS update at your current registrar.