What Is CloudFlare & What Can It Do for You?


CloudFlare is a useful tool to enhance site performance, accelerate the access speed and improve the visitors’ experience. However, many people are still knowing little about it. For them, we have composed the article below, introducing in detail on what CloudFlare is and what it can do for you.

What Is CloudFlare?

what is cloudflareCloudFlare is an American multinational technology company, headquartered in San Francisco, and it has offices in London, UK too. This company mainly provides customers with business including site safety management, performance optimization and related technical support.

If you are looking for a good way to ensure your visitors can surf in a fast speed. CloudFlare is a good choice. It adopts globally distributed network and automatically optimizes the delivery of web pages to create a fast page loading time. No matter how long the distance between your web host and your visitors, CloudFlare ensures a fast speed by gaining access to static content. As a result, it enables your sites to load twice faster.

CloudFlare offers many useful features for you to manage a site and make the site rank well, including DNS, CDN, Optimizer, Security, Analytics, and Apps. See the detailed introductions to know what CloudFlare can do for you with these features.

What Can CloudFlare Do for You?


CloudFlare is more customized and uses a cloud based web application firewall to stop many of the nasty attacks in the form of comment spam and SQL injection from affecting your site. Besides, to avoid wasting your bandwidth and server sources, CloudFlare blocks threats, limit abusive bots and crawlers.


cloudflare dnsWith the global Anycast network powering its DNS, CloudFlare makes sure that your website is available to anyone in the world.  By using DNS, you are able to get instant DNS updates. Besides, its DNS is free for you to set up. In this way, you can get an assistant tool free of charge.


CloudFlare developed the CDN with taking advantages of latest hardware changes and abandoning the legacy of the last 15 years. It is helpful to make the CDN easier to set up, more affordable, and perform better than any legacy CDN you have adopted before. Therefore, if you have a try, you will get a different proprietary experience.


One of the ways to get a fast page loading speed is to optimize regularly. CloudFlare Optimizer is used to optimize your website by minimizing network connections. With it, you can get an optimized network state.


Many webmasters take preventing attacks as a big problem because none of them can monitor their sites all the time.  With CloudFlare Analytics, you can pass the task to it. It can not only monitor threats for you, but also search engine crawlers. Besides, It is helpful for you to do visitors analytic.


cloudflare appsMany webmasters find it is difficult to look for a download link when it comes to installing some useful applications. Moreover, it always costs too much time for downloading and installing. However, if you use CloudFlare Apps, everything will be easier. They can be installed easily to enhance your site no matter what CMS you used to create your site and which web host your are hosting with.


According to the introductions above, CloudFlare is useful for you to manage and power your websites. If you want to enhance the security of your websites, improve its speed and gain other technical help with less effort, featuring with CloudFlare is necessary.