Bisend Managed WordPress: A Better Way to WordPress


WordPress has becomes the world’s most popular website platform that makes it easy to run sites of any complexity—simple business profiles or sprawling content hubs. And managed WordPress hosting is a bit like having your own personal tech team to keep it easy from start to finish. With the WordPress-optimized infrastructure and interface, you’re released from trifles on server-side while concentrating on growing your business.

Bisend recently has launched its premium managed WordPress hosting program, aiming to offer you the best performance and features possible for a budget price. Alright, let’s get into the actual managed WordPress hosting now.

Specifically Optimized for WordPress

Bisend preinstalls and preconfigures WordPress for you. We also make sure you’re using the latest software, including Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. This significantly minimizes the effort to WordPress configuration and setup while keeping it run smoothly.

Architected for Performance

Bisend makes sure the managed WordPress hosting service is running on rock solid isolated servers, along with a multi-layer, powerful caching architecture that is designed for optimizing performance from the ground up. We also configure every server with scalable memory, alongside utilization of the most innovative Solid State Drives technology, to meet any performance needs.

Meanwhile, you can choose to host your WordPress site on servers in our Chicago or Hong Kong data center. Our Chicago data center is leased from the world’s leading colocation provider SingleHop and our Hong Kong data center is a cloud-based presence offered by China’s cloud computing giant—Baidu. Both are well-equipped and connected to multiple internet backbone hubs, therefore giving the assurance of maximized efficiency.

All these have made Bisend managed WordPress hosting extremely fast when compared with other options in its price range. So, you just need to make your decision based on where your visitors or users come from, America or China.

Reliability, Stability

Though Bisend is relatively new in the business of hosting WordPress websites, we have a team of experienced technicians and web developers in the area. They constantly check all themes and plugins on your websites, in addition to enhancing the version of WordPress core, for compatibility and optimal interaction. The result is a very reliable and stable WordPress site you can rely on. No wonder why we are confident about more than 99.9% uptime.

Easy Site Migration & Setup

Moving your WordPress site to Bisend is easy. Just enter some basic information, our technical support team will have your site running on industry-leading platform in no time.

As well, if you decide to start with shared hosting for your WordPress site, it is always useful to find out how easy it is to upgrade to a fully managed hosting service.

Easy to Use Plesk Control Panel

Bisend uses one of the most popular Plesk Onyx that comes with an intuitive interface and responsive design, enabling you to manage your WordPress hosting in every aspect. You can access your Plesk account anytime and anywhere, right from large monitors and tablets. Besides, you can do the job using your smartphone. The Plesk Mobile application is currently supported on both Android and iOS.

No Theme or Plugin Restrictions

Bisend doesn’t limit or restrict use of WordPress theme or plugin. That said, you are completely free to choose whatever you think will work best for your WordPress site.

WP-CLI Supported

Our Plesk Onyx features a command-line interface that offers a direct access to WP-CLI, no installation for WP-CLI is required. This advanced feature lets you take the command line route to updates and multisite management as expected.

Free & Paid SSL

Bisend packages a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate in every managed WordPress hosting account. You can have it installed and enabled easily through your Plesk interface in simple steps. If you want to upgrade to a premium SSL certificate, Bisend SSL Certificate store has hundreds of solutions from the world’s most trusted Certificate Authorities, like Symantec, DigiCert, GeoTrust, Entrust and Comodo. From basic Domain Validated certificates to higher-level Organization Validated and Extended Validated certificates, from single domain to wildcard to multi-domain certificates, all are handy for you.

Built-in Enhanced Security

Bisend has committed a record investment in security. We have a very tight security layer that is responsible for running regular security checks, and actively scanning and blocking malware and all other hacking attempts.

Meanwhile, we offer a web application firewall (WAF) that applies a set of rules to any conversation between your WordPress site and the outside world. Due to that, you don’t need to worry about XSS, SQL injection or other attacks affecting your website.

Automatic Backups & Restore

We take charge of daily backing up your WordPress data and hosting it on completely different servers to protect your WordPress site. Meanwhile, our Plesk Onyx supports manually and automatically full or incremental backup of your domain configuration, mail configuration and content, plus user files and databases. Just in several steps, you can have it done. (Check out our previous article: How to back up your website via Plesk Onyx, to find more detailed information.)


Bisend provides support for CDN to speed up the delivery of content to your visitors. There are many excellent WordPress CDN services avaialble on the web but we recommend you to go with CloudFlare for the optimal security, performance and reliability. The company now is partnering with Baidu to make internet applications faster and more secure in China and around the world. If your business targets at the enormous Chinese market, congratulations, you can benefit from a significant increase in availability for China traffic and over 30% decrease in latency. Also worth mentioning is that CloudFlare offers unmetered mitigation of DDoS and other WordPress attacks.

Around-the-Clock Support

Bisend has one of the best WordPress support team in the industry. Our technical support is available 24/7 and includes not only email and ticketing system support channels, but also live chat. Additionally, our Help Center is frequently updated with detailed information that is helpful for your hosting and WordPress questions.

Best Cheap Pricing

Currently, three tailor-made and super optimized managed WordPress hosting packages are available. Bisend boasts no limit on bandwidth, which is something that most hosts charge a premium for. Whereas, there are restrictions on storage and visitors. For example, the entry-level option includes 10GB SSD storage and 25,000 monthly visits, and allow for 1 domain name under one account.

Believe it or not, our managed WordPress hosting could be as low as $19.99/mo without compromising the performance, features or security. Considering most of our customers are individuals and small business owners, Bisend has decided to make all our hosting services affordable while reliable from the very beginning. If you have searched for other reputable managed WordPress hosting services, like Pagely or WPEngine, you will know how impressive pricing we are providing.

Upon sign-up, we give you a 30-day money back guarantee. You’re allowed to cancel your hosting account and ask for full refund within the first 7 days. If you feel unhappy with our service and terminate it after the 7-day period but within the first 30-day coverage, you can still have all hosting fees refunded except for the first month’s.

In a word, Bisend managed WordPress hosting is reliable. It takes the burden of performance tuning, WordPress and server configuration, as well as security management off your plate, therefore you can feel free to focus on improving your website content and achieving your website objectives.