Tips on Protecting Your Domain Name Against Hijackers and Domain Thieves


Your domain name is as important as your company’s name or brand name. Despite hundreds of thousands of major domains being attacked and hijacked every year, very few companies are actually aware of such a threat. This is why most businesses don’t even take any steps to protect domain.

Why DNS Theft Is a Major Problem?

Domain theft is a big inconvenience. It can jeopardize your years of work and cause you major financial loss. Once a domain hijacker has control over your domain, he could even sell it off. So how to protect your domain against such domain thieves and hijackers? Use the following tips to ensure total protection.

1. Always Choose a Reputable Domain Registrar

Choose a Reputable Domain RegistrarIt is easier to choose the cheapest domain registrar available out there. However, in doing so you are just taking a big risk. Most domain registrars are busy running promotions with dirt cheap prices on offer. It will be best to avoid them and choose a reputed brand name that has been in business for years, and is not “cheap”.

When you pay that extra price, you are getting better security measures that keep your domain name protected. It also means choosing a reliable and responsible company that will help in case of any issues. Here, you are able to register a quality and safe domain name form

2. Secure Your Account

Make sure that only you or your trusted employee can access your domain registrar account. Keep in mind that if you allow many people to access it, you will be risking a potential hijack. Besides, you should also take care that your account is protected using very strong password that is also resistant to brute-force attacks.

Use additional layers of authentication to prevent any chances of attack. In other words, you’d better choose a domain registrar that offers multiple layers of authentication.

3. Check Your Contact Information Regularly

The domain name registrar must inform you every time your domain name is up for renewal. They should also inform you if there is an attempt to transfer or edit your domain names. At the same time it is essential that you regularly check your latest contact information. Every time your employee handling domain name registration leaves your organization, make sure to update the account details.

4. Always Renew Your Domain Timely

Renew Your Domain TimelyMake sure that your domain name is renewed before it expires. When your domain name registration expires, it is open for others to purchase or hijack. Loss of domain name could mean loss of large volume of both existing and potential sales.

Besides, keep in mind that there are automated systems that alert others whenever a specific domain name has expired. Therefore, if you let your domain expire, it could mean that it could be grabbed even before you wait for a few days.

5. Don’t Reply to Any Unrecognized Emails

Don’t open any emails on your domain email if you don’t recognize the sender. Many hijackers use renewal emails to grab hold of your account details. Avoid opening any such emails, leave alone clicking on links from unrecognized sources that ask you to click and renew your domain.

6. Get WHOIS Protection

Most companies don’t know about it but this is a useful step in protecting your domain name. As the name suggests, WHOIS protection which is also called domain privacy helps in looking up domain names in registry database. It records the info about the domain name and the registrant’s information like contact address, phone, and email. The function of WHOIS is to protect this information from the public by hiding it.

If you want to protect domain, make sure to use these strategies.