Different Types of Web Hosting Databases


Many web hosts offer various web hosting that integrate different types of databases into solutions. When choosing a web hosting plan, you should consider what kind of database the web host provides, and whether it can meet your needs to develop the website. In this article, some well-known databases are introduced as below.

What is Database?

types of web hosting databasesA database is just like an organized store to collect the data records and files, such as blog posts, comments, text, essays, and so on, which can be easily accessed, managed and updated. Thus, it’s necessary to have a database to store the data and files of your website.

Database can be divided into relational database and object relational database. Relational database is mature and extensively tested, while object relational database is new and designed to work with object programming languages, like C#, C++ and Java.

Some Common Used Databases

There are many types of databases available to help you develop a website. Before choosing a web hosting service, you need to have a comprehensive understanding about its database, because it plays an important role in website development. Some popular databases are listed as below.

  • MySQL: It is a free open source relational database management system, so that it attracts most web hosting providers. Besides, MySQL are available in both Linux web hosting and Windows web hosting and it is appropriate for small websites.
  • MS SQL: It is developed by Microsoft and only allowed to run on Windows platform, which is not free. MS SQL is suitable for some business websites, because it can serve thousands concurrent users.types of web hosting databases
  • PostgreSQL: It is a free open source object-relational database. PostgreSQL is one of the most reliable and advanced databases in the industry, which is suitable for some business websites.
  • Access: It is a Microsoft database and runs on Windows OS only, which is easy-to-use. If you develop a small website with low number of visitors, Access is a good choice for your website.

Except for those widely-used databases, there are some other databases for you, such as Oracle, SQLite, MariaDB, etc. When selecting a web hosting database, you should determine whether the database is available to develop the website.


As many web hosts offer customers a variety of databases, you should select the best suitable one among them. On the basis of the database introduction above, you can have a better understanding which kind of database is appropriate for your website.