How to Change Your WordPress Site URL?


If you run a WordPress site on a URL which doesn’t sound impressive, and have got more convincing and appropriate URL, you can change your existing domain name. Due to the advancements, it is quite convenient to change WordPress URL. In fact, you can change the domain of your site through your site’s dashboard as well as database.

After listing the steps of Changing WordPress password, we illustrate the procedure of changing your WordPress site URL by using the dashboard and database.

Steps of Changing WordPress site URL via WordPress Dashboard

Before starting the procedure, it is important to ascertain that your target domain (new URL) has been owned by you. In addition, the presence of the prospective domain should not be found in the Domains directory. If you find any folder having the same name, you must rename it using the File Manager. Apart from this, you should move the files present in your site, only if required.

Once you are done with the basic formalities and authorizations, it’s time to start the procedure! First, you need to dig into your WordPress Dashboard by logging into it with your site’s administrator login details. By logging as an administrator, you can access the settings of your WordPress site. Therefore, you should navigate to the Settings menu and click on the General tab.
Chnage WordPress Site URL 1
In the General Settings page, you will find many input boxes, such as site title, tagline, WordPress address, site address and email address. Here, you need to focus on only two options; namely, WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL). Note that you must not modify to remove the text in any other box as it may bring changes to your entire site’s data.

To be precise, you will witness that your site’s WordPress Address and Site Address box contains similar text, which is actually the existing URL of your site.
Chnage WordPress Site URL 2
Now, you should remove the existing address from the two boxes and insert the new URL. For example, if your existing URL is and your new URL is, the WordPress Address and Site Address must be modified to
Chnage WordPress Site URL 3
After entering the new URL for your WordPress site, you must verify whether the entered characters are correct. Upon the confirmation, you should proceed further and select the Save Changes option. Once done, you have to ensure that the folder name should be changed to the new URL in the File Manager. This will mark the completion of the procedure and your WordPress site URL will be changed successfully.

Steps of Changing WordPress Site URL via WordPress Database

If you are not able to access your WordPress Dashboard, you can change WordPress URL through the database. For this, you need to dig into your site’s cPanel and click on phpMyAdmin option.
Chnage WordPress Site URL 4
Here, you must click on the MySQL database. If you don’t remember the database name, you may find it by checking it on your wp-confid.php file.
Chnage WordPress Site URL 5
Now, you should click on the wp-options tab, which opens a list where you need to find the “home” option. Click on the Edit (or Pencil) tab and change the URL to the new address; as per our example. Choose the Go options to save your settings.
Chnage WordPress Site URL 6
Similarly, find the “siteurl” option from the list and repeat the last procedure by modifying the address and click on Go. You will witness that the URL address of your WordPress site has been changed to the new domain name!
Chnage WordPress Site URL 7