How to Choose a Good Windows Hosting Package?


Most people find it is difficult to pick out a good Windows hosting package because there are too many options offered in the hosting market. To teach them how to choose a good Windows hosting package with less effort, we have summarized several important points that customers need to pay attention to, including disk space, bandwidth, uptime, speed, security, control panel, technical support and price.

Now, go on to read the details and learn to choose a good one.

Disk Space & Bandwidth

choose a good windows hosting plan - bandwidth

The first step to choose a good Windows hosting package is to evaluate disk space and bandwidth. If you want to store a number of graphics, plenty of text files, dozens of databases and many other types of data, 1 GB is enough. However, if you will store more about the mentioned files and pictures, you’d better choose a plan coming with unlimited disk space.

Besides, if you want to get an enough data transfer rate, you should choose a solution featured with enough bandwidth. Remember that the providers that offer unlimited bandwidth are good options for you, because more bandwidth offers faster transfer rate.

Uptime & Speed

After evaluating your need of disk space and bandwidth, you need to pay attention to the uptime and speed. As an important roles in the website operation, high uptime ensures that you can enjoy a reliable hosting environment. It is very important for you to choose a hosting provider that can offer 99.9% uptime because if your site is frequently down you will lose many visitors.

Besides, fast speed is also very important. If you have no idea about whether a web hosting provider can offer fast speed or not, you can check the 3 aspects below: data center, server, and the distance between the data center and your target visitors. Here, we suggest you to choose a web host that utilizes a SAS 70 Type II data center close to your visitors and equipped with high quality Dell servers.


As an essential concern, security is absolutely necessary for you to consider.  You should make sure that things like firewalls, daily backups and user authentication are all included.  Moreover, you should host with a company that offers an all-day monitoring in 7 days a week.

Control Panel

choose windows hosting package - control panelControl panel is a user interface that helps you manage your websites with less effort. For example, you can use it to manage your web account, like changing a password and adding/deleting an email account. Besides, if you want to install some useful some CMSs within a short time, you need to choose a control panel including a 1-click installer. For example, if you are looking for a Linux hosting package, choose one featured with cPanel. However, if you are seeking a Windows hosting plan, choose one including WebSitePanel.

Technical Support

When meeting some problems in website management, you will find that a prompt technical support is helpful. Therefore, you should choose a provider that owns a professional technical team standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Moreover, try to choose a provider allowing customers to contact them via live chat, email and ticket. Besides, give a priority selection to companies that have developed a professional and comprehensive knowledgebase.


The final step is to compare their prices. The hosting providers have launched different plans for their Windows hosting packages. Besides, most of them will provide different discounts for different billing cycles. The longer the billing cycle is, the larger discount is offered. Therefore, if the hosting solution you want to order comes with 1/2/3-year plan, choose the 3-year plan.

choose windows hosting - priceWhat’s more, you should pay more attention to the details about the 30 days money back guarantee. In fact, many companies have worked out article about the refund. In this way, you should read for more details. Besides, the ways of payment are also important. Remember to choose a company that supports both  PayPal and credit cards.


According all the points summarized above, if you want to choose a good windows hosting package, you need evaluate your need of disk space and bandwidth at first, and then inspect whether the hosting provider offers high uptime, fast speed, safe hosting environment, enhanced control panel, prompt technical support, and affordable price.