Best Kentico Themes


With many different themes offered by Kentico official site, there are many webmasters finding it is difficult to choose the best one to make their websites great. To help them make a choice with less effort, we have worked out a detailed list below. In this list, we have picked out the best 6 Kentico themes that are highly recommended by numerous Kentico users. And If you need a hosting, don’t forget to check out our professional Kentico hosting service.

All the recommended items are full of rich features and well designed. Now, move on to find the best one for you. If you have no idea on how to install this application, read the guide named as How to Install Kentico in WebSitePanel.


SPC is a clean and flexible theme. With the responsive design, SPC ensures that website smoothly adapts to all kinds of mobile devices with no need for mobile-specific themes or web pages.  At the same time, 8 master pages are ready for users to create a great website, like boxes pages, full width pages, and several home styles. In addition, any possible navigation option is included, such as regular navigation, horizontal, vertical, Megamenus, and a cool vertical accordin.

best kentico themes for 2015 spc


Terra is a theme that suitable to personal, business and institutional websites, with which webmasters can create websites for different needs. In addition, with a responsive design, Terra is available for any screen size. Featured with a nice toggle mobile navigation, Terra is ready for mobile. Moreover, webmasters can easily get awesome slideshow with carousel slider.

best kentico themes for 2015 terra


If webmasters want to create a stunning website, WePro is the most suitable option. WePro is elegant and beautiful. In addition, it is available for any screen size because it can adjust automatically depending on the browser’s screen size. What’s more, the fluid grid system makes sure that webmasters are able to create different layouts.

best kentico themes for 2015 spc wepro


Flex-o is a responsive corporate theme that meets customers’ needs. It has 6 page layouts, including home page, full width, boxed pages, 404 error page styles, and even all flexibility to build a sunning website, with which webmasters are able to have a colorful website. Besides, if customers want to provide pricing information, their best choice is Flex-o because they are able to add 2 to 5 price columns with this theme.

best kentico themes for 2015 flex-o


The color of this theme is able to help people create striking websites. Besides, interface is also helpful for making website stand out. Interface is a theme focusing on color. With its two page layouts and six typical widgets, customers are able to choose their favorite one to enhance their websites.

best kentico themes for 2015 interface


With a unique design, Temple owns a different style. To make websites stand out, Temple features with a strong left navigation. Besides, this multi-function theme includes 4 page layouts and 8 widgets, which are of great importance for webmasters to build a stunning websites. Moreover, this theme is 100% compatible with all the popular web browsers, including Chrome, FireFox, Safari and Opera.

best kentico themes for 2015 temple