Kentico Review – Is It a Good CMS for Creating a New Site?


CMS is the backbone of your online service, and which is why we are bringing you this Kentico review. Kentico is a popular and has been talked about extensively on the internet. However, is it as good as its reputation suggests? Does it outperform its rivals? Is it worth the price that it offered for?

There are some things to look out for when choosing a CMS. The core functionality is of course one of the most important aspects, but support, search, interface and updates matter very much as well. Content Management Systems that do their jobs well will let you focus more on the design, rather than putting the nuts and bolts together to make the engine run. Keeping this in mind, read on to see how Kentico scores.

Kentico Features

Kentico Review - featuresKentico is built on Microsoft technology, but it offers numerous features not available to SharePoint. To start with, Kentico is extremely easy to use. Its intuitiveness makes it ready for launch almost from the get go. Users will find the comfort in usage very agreeable. Besides, updates to websites are simple. Despite this apparent simplicity, a number of features are offered, which gives it a great depth and allows for complex operations to be performed.

You can build the simple or the complex with Kentico. The CMS is scalable and the experience of expansion is pain-free. Individual modules and functions can be built and you needn’t worry about keeping track of them, as they are all similar in nature.

Awesome Security

Kentico also boasts a robust security infrastructure. This CMS is very closely examined for security flaws and the full source code has been made known to a handful of companies. This makes less likely to be compromised.

Also, with this CMS, there exists a separation between the front-end and administrative bits of the website. This grants a lot of time to strict programmers who can focus their time and energy elsewhere. Besides, individuals with basic HTML and CSS skills also are able to handle the front-end set up.

It is also very well suited to handle e-commerce, portals, social sites and more, all of which are now indispensable parts of a website. If you’re thinking that, what with all these features, deployment and management of units using Kentico is difficult, then you’re wrong. It’s a breeze.

Online Marketing Solution

Kentico Review - Online Marketing Solution Kentico offers something called the Online Marketing Solution, which allows for the user to engage in digital marketing, greatly expanding their reach and customer interaction. Every feature is condensed into one handy tool.

The Online Communities Solution brings whole hosts of features and capabilities that grant individual insights into the workings and success of your website. The Intranet and Collbaoration facility gets you talking to the right people and establish good communication across work groups, thereby strengthening and building your teamwork.

Separate modules for the website and content management exist, and users can tack on their own through Kentico’s Web Parts. Kentico offers over 300 built in web parts, which is the additional feature of adding your own. Coupled with a few other features, this feature makes it a very customizable tool that allows for customized web applications.

Impeccable Support Service

But what is possibly Kentico’s greatest asset is their impeccable support service. The team promises to fix bugs within 7 days and are available 24/7 on support lines. Many users have stated that they are very responsive. The support team is constituted of engineers from across the world.

A Kentico review would be incomplete if didn’t detail a few of its quitter but nifty features such as its yearly update of social media, integration with external systems and free upgrades upon the encountering of bugs.


Kentico Review - PriceNow comes the question of price. There is no doubt that Kentico is on the pricier side. This expense certainly can’t be seen to decrease. Is it worth then? Think about it this way, by paying a certain amount to receive Kentico and all its wonderful features, you save yourself from additional costs brought on by using CMSs without those features. A solid base for your website is a far better option than some shaky platform that needs constant maintenance. That said, Kentico may also need maintenance, but that repair is swift and efficient.

Final Verdict

Given all these qualities, it cannot be denied that Kentico is a solid choice for a Content Management System. If users wish for an easy, straightforward webstie building experience, it is a good place to turn to. If users wish for an excellent support team and a third party system that has near unbreachable security set up, its answers that as well. If it simply came down to which CMS was easier to use, then Kentico would be one of the leaders of the pack.

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