How to Install Kentico Using Web App Gallery in WebSitePanel?


The shopping cart that a merchant choose affects the way they sell online. Some of the shopping carts are easy to manage and customize while others are a bit complex for the merchants. It thus calls for a due diligence on the various shopping carts available online to ensure you have the best as a merchant.

Kentico is one of the online shopping carts that you might have seen on an eCommerce site. It is an easy to use software that integrates well with your eCommerce site. You can install Kentico in WebSitePanel and have it running within a few minutes.

What is Kentico?

What Is KenticoKentico is a shopping cart application that merchants use on their eCommerce sites to manage sales. The shopping cart software is easy to install, manage and customize. It can be downloaded from Kentico CMS 6.0 is the most popular version and is developed using .NET using C#.The developers have released Kentico 8.0 which is an improvement of Kentico 6.0. is one of the best Kentico hosting providers based on the design of the software and the services at

Kentico Features

The software is made in such a way that it is easy to manage and integrates well with the website. The Web Content Management Solution on Kentico cuts the time you spend managing your shopping cart and development time a big deal. It is an affordable choice for merchants online.  Its plug and play functionality makes an eCommerce store enthralling to customers. The store is easy to configure and customize and there are no codes required.Kentico FeaturesWhat’s more, the software also allows you to do internet marketing with the click of a button. You can manage a multi-channel market with much ease and get a great customers’ view using a single profile.

Kentico enables you to drive traffic to your online store by use of Kentico’s communities. You can simply create, integrate and manage communities with ease to bring unique customers and give them insight and also communicate about your brand. The Intranet and Collaboration functionality of Kentico enables you to create a personalized and customized intranet, where cross-functional workgroups function well.

Lastly is the Kentico+ which brings support to the users. The Kentico team takes care of all installation, maintenance, updates, hotfixes and even backups ensuring that the user has peace of mind.

Installing Kentico Using Web App Gallery in WebSitePanel

You can install Kentico in WebSitePanel and it will be functional within minutes. Installing is easy and without requiring coding or prior knowledge. Follow the steps below and you will be good to go.

1. Login to your WebSitePanel and click Web Sites.

Install kentico in WebSitePanel 1

2. Click Create Web Site from the screen that follow.

Install kentico in WebSitePanel 2

3. Select a domain you’d like to use to install Kentico. (Note: If the domain list is empty, please make sure there is at least one domain added into your space. You can click here to know how to add a domain into your space)

Install kentico in WebSitePanel 3

4. After the site created, please back to the Home page and click “Web App Gallery”.

Install kentico in WebSitePanel 5

6. On the screen that follows, locate Kentico CMS for ASP.NET and select it. Click “Next” to continue after selecting Kentico CMS.

Install kentico in WebSitePanel 6

7. Select the earlier created sub-domain, “Kentico” and then follow the prompts. This brings you closer to the end of the installation process.

Install kentico in WebSitePanel 7

When the installation process completed, you will get a confirmation message. You can click “Launch Kentico CMS for ASP.NET” to your site, please have a try now!
Install kentico in WebSitePanel 7