Should You do Guest Blogging?


There are many business owners that put everything into taking their product or service at the top position. But at times, the lack of proficiency in the online marketing region can affect their online visibility and website traffic. This is a common problem faced by several of these day’s businesses.

So to establish our brand and generate website traffic, one of the best tactics is to go for guest blogging. Guest blogging is quickly becoming the major elements of the digital marketing industry. However, Google algorithms are bringing a new twist to this arena.

In the last few years, Google has prepared so many algorithm changes that many SEO professionals feel as if they are losing their grip on their expertise. Every day, they have to apply new methods for getting a good Google search engine ranking. Different types of questions pop up every day, such as should you allow the guest blogging on your website, should you become a guest blog, do you need backlinks, or if you should find a new way to increase website traffic.

Google Algorithm

Google’s main purpose behind changing algorithms is that it wants to improve the quality of the content for its top search engine results. Google has become more conscious about the quality of websites backlinking to you. It also takes into consideration if your content quality is great and if you are posting it on other platforms as well. All these factors related to google algorithm, including others, can help you make decisions regarding guest blogging for your and other websites.

Guest blogging

If you are guest blogging for other websites, you usually choose the website that is not your competitor and which can help you improve the ranking and traffic on your website. Ultimately, it should help your website get a better ranking in search engine results. Furthermore, choose a website that does not provide backlinks for fraudulent sites, has a lot of advertisements, or link to low-grade sites. Then also check the quality of the content of the website and what its ranking is in Google search engine results.

Now when it comes to hiring others to work for your website as a guest blogger, don’t rely on choosing just one blogger and add links to only one other website. Then also check the quality of the site you would be backlinking your website to, in case it is a spammy website. Only choose the articles that are interesting, informative, and related to the industry you are working in, and which can improve the visibility and traffic on your website. Make sure your guest blogger don’t put the links to their website in your articles. What you really need to do is pay attention.

Guest Blogging to Improve Website Ranking and Traffic

Basically, the ultimate goal of the Google algorithm is search engine optimization. So how guest blogging can help you with your SEO. Given below are a few tips for guest blogging that can help you take complete advantage of Google algorithms and get top ranking:

1. Define your guest blogging objectives

Before you go for guest posting, it is important to define your goals for your websites. You don’t want to have guest posts just to have no results for your business in the end. Figure out what is your goal for your business, like, do you want to generate more traffic for your website, are you looking to build brand authority and a name for your business in the industry, or you want to build high-quality backlinks for improved SEO. Once you know the ultimate results you want to attain for your business, you would be able to identify the kind of posts you want for your website and what kind of posts to write for other websites so that it would benefit your business in return. It is a much easier way of getting links through guest blogging.

2. Make sure you do not get carried away

One of the biggest problems with guest blogging is that sometimes people do not know where to stop. They tend to overdo it. Make sure your articles cover different topics and come from a variety of sources. Do not rely solely on guest blogging. If Google notices the pattern and figure out your source of inbound links is only guest posts, it might affect your search engine ranking, hence affecting your website traffic. So instead of depending on one source, diversify your sources and link profile. A link profile is the combination of the links directing users to your website. Google prefers links from a variety of websites along with high-authority websites. If you have already decided to go for guest blogging, make it count. Otherwise, you would just be wasting your time, effort, and money.

3. Bring in the quality content

Without quality content, your website won’t be able to last on Google search engine results. Google algorithms vary constantly and thus, making Google always assess the articles that have the links leading to your website. If the articles are of top quality in the most informative manner, your link will be viewed as a top-quality one. Similarly, when you are hiring guest bloggers for your website, quality content will improve your search engine ranking, increase website traffic, and move the conversion rate up. Outdated content can harm the SEO of your website and that of your business and brand overall. Everything you create or have others create for you, it has to be distinctive and provide a worthwhile reading experience for the readers.

4. Images, links, formatting would enhance the appearance

There are various ways other than having top quality content, to make your articles and posts distinctive and attract more readers. As I mentioned, every guest post you create needs to be unique. Even if you are planning to apply your strategies on a bigger scale, make sure everything you are building has an individual flair. You can do it by using a variety of formatting elements. You can break the paragraphs, bullet points, subheadings, and more. One more way to improve the appearance and layout of your text is to add images, visuals, and other media.

Do not hesitate and wait for others to do it for you. Instead, take the initiative and add your own images. Also, you can ask your guest bloggers for nice formatting, images, graphics, and more for your posts.


Google algorithm and guest blogging go hand in hand. It’s always about how natural your link profile looks. A guest blogger should always be smart when it comes to using keywords. It should look natural instead of being forced. Most people think about guest blogging in terms of links. Nevertheless, you should see it from diverse viewpoints. With guest blogging, you would not only get links, but also quality content and some good exposure. Guest posts can be used to promote your abilities along with your website.

By using the right tools and strategies, you would be able to achieve much more with constantly changing Google algorithms. But do not only depend on guest posts and try to make your link profile more natural.

Eventually, it all comes down to building some good quality content for your website as per the Google algorithms. That will encourage others to share it on their profile pages and websites. With that, most of your SEO problems can be resolved, your website can get improved organic website traffic and ultimately, your conversion rate would move up.