The Basics of ASP


ASP refers to Active Server Page, which is a simple and convenient programming tool developed by Microsoft to replace CGI script .ASP is able to interact with databases and other programs. Now it’s commonly used for web builders to generate active content in a variety of dynamic websites with a format of .ASP. The following article is about some basics introduction of ASP.

What is Active Content?

basics of aspWebsites comprise two types of content: static and active. Static content refers to the media that cannot be changed without human interaction, while active content is a type of interactive or dynamic website content, such as animated GIFs, JavaScript applications, embedded objects, streaming video, and so on.

What Can ASP Do for You?

ASP is used to supplement the HTML and CSS comprised in a basic website. It consists of six essential objects: Server, Application, Session, Request, Response and ASP Error. It also supports extended objects derived from the fundamental objects.

  • ASP allows you add any content on the web page.
  • It can access any data or databases and return the results to a browser.
  • It is able to customize a web page to make it more useful for individual users.
  • ASP code cannot be viewed from the browser, so it provides high security.
  • ASP programming can minimize the network traffic.

What is ASP.NET?

basics of asp
Based on .NET, ASP.NET is a web application framework of Microsoft that powers dynamic websites running on Microsoft IIS web servers. ASP.NET is considered as the next generation of Microsoft’s Web Development language, and is also a part of IIS. It’s similar in intent to ASP, but includes all the advantages inherent to .NET.

ASP.NET add features manage XML (Extensive Makeup Language) easily for data storage, and configuration. One great feature of ASP.NET is web service, which allows you have several pieces of application on different servers with a perfect and seamless operation. ASP.NET has an enormous class library to help you get data from database and display it in a simple grid control.

What is ASP Web Hosting?

ASP web hosting is a kind of web hosting that runs on a Windows server and supports ASP script. Many web hosts provide ASP web hosting to meet the needs of their customers, including

Who Uses ASP?

basics of aspASP and ASP.NET take a significant portion of all websites, especially preferred by businesses and multi-user web development teams. They provide many benefits to make team-based development much easier, such as maintaining user state and defining global variables within an application. ASP wins popularity for websites, like online stores, that require active content, but it is not suitable for a single-user blog.

Why is ASP the Right Option?

Compared with PHP, ASP is quite accessible. When choosing ASP web hosting, you can get access just as free as it is with PHP. If you have a small website that requires only a small amount of active content, you can choose PHP, while ASP is much better to handle large applications and large amount of active content.