How to Set Up nopCommerce Websites?


What is nopCommerce?

nopCommerce is an open source online shop e-commerce system, which is based on ASP.NET MVC and EntityFramework technology. According to its delicate framework and design, nopCommerce is regarded as the classic work of .NET shop system. Whatever you are still in the beginning for new online business, or the experienced e-commerce shop owner and would like to develop current business, even the specialists with high standards, nopCommerce can entirely meet your requests.

Advantages of Using nopCommerce

nopCommerce is completely a free system which is also fully customized. Its architecture is very rich and clear that you can find out the features including product catalogs, mobile commerce, multi-store, multi-vender, payment methods, shipping and so on are all accessible for users. Besides, its products features such as Rental products, stock management, etc, can make it easier for you to manage your ecommerce businesses. Of course, except for these features, there is more functionality having been developed based on the newest technology.

The most important thing is that nopCommerce is also focusing on SEO so that your nopCommerce store can get into all search engines and always have high rankings. The SEO effects will works on not only the friendly URLs, but also the website pages and content structure; you can expect that your visitors will get touch into the store with minimum efforts.

How to Download and Install nopCommerce in Plesk?

Downloading nopCommerce is very rapid and only need several steps. According to the official statistics, nopCommerce has been downloaded over 1.8 million times. While, before that, do not forget to subscribe your own Windows hosting space. Host4ASP.NET is a 100% ASP.NET focused hosting provider and the control panel –Plesk can assist you to manage your websites easily. Now, let us learn about how to set up nopCommerce websites in Plesk.

Download nopCommerce

  1. Register/Login

Firstly, in the official website, register/login and get into the download page.

  1. Click the link to download

In nopCommerce official website, choose the version you would like to download.

This article, we will take nopCommerce 4.0- Web(no source) as an example. Click the link and download.

  1. Keep the zip file in local computer.

Install nopCommerce in Plesk

  1. Login Plesk; upload zip file to the target directory. Acquiescently, we can upload to the root directory (httpdocs).
  2. Extract Files and move all the files under the root directory(httpdocs). 
  3. Get back to Plesk main page and set up Hosting Setting, ensure the Website at the document root (httpdocs).   
  4. Create a database

After the files are uploaded successfully, it’s time to create database. This also can be finished in Plesk directly.

  • Click Database->Add Database to create your empty database for nopCommerce.

For details, refer to learn about how to set up database.

  • After the empty database created, click Preview website, you will get an installing page. Just fill in the relative information to configure database.

Store information: Fill in your store information including email and password.

Database information: You can use the built-in data storage or SQL server database (created in Plesk). If you have your own database, you can choose built-in data storage. While if not,  nopCommerce has prepared default database in the installation packages, once you create the empty database, and choose ‘Use SQL Server database’, the data will be imported into automatically.

  1. Click Install

  1. Preview nopCommer website

After all installation finished, you can click Preview again to check if your nopCommerce website can work well.

If there is no any problems, the last thing you need to do is resolve your domain and point to the server IP address. Then, your nopCommerce website can be visited via domain name.

Above is the detailed tutorial for setting up your nopCommerce websites in Plesk. And before the installation, you need to have a best nopCommerce hosting  to support your nopCommerce websites, and could be the right place to get you there.