Top 8 Payment Modules for Your nopCommerce Online Store


nopCommerce is one of the most popular and simplest ecommerce software supporting catalog frontend and admin tool backend. It is highly cherished among online store developers and webmasters for its shopping cart customization capabilities. It is also known for its reliability and usability.

This platform is supported by comprehensive range of information and resources including documentation, downloads and customer support. If you have an online store on nopCommerce and are looking for a reliable payment module, here are 8 options for you to choose from.

1. BluePay Payment plug-in

nopCommerce Payment Module - BluePayThe BluePay gateway prompts your customers to provide their credit card information. It can also handle authorization of the payment and settlement with the merchant. Make sure your website has SSL Certificate before installing this plug-in.

BluePay supports all the versions of nopCommerce including v3.00 to v3.60. It has a rich UI and offers several features including recurring payments, online refund, authorize and capturing transactions, authorizing only transactions, multi-store support, shipping, coupon code, gift card support, and supporting checkout attributes.

2. Elavon Converge

Elavon Converge was popularly known as Virtual Merchant. This nopCommerce payment gateway allows users to accept payments through different options. It supports the latest versions of the ecommerce platform including v3.50 and v3.60. Because the payment information is submitted directly into Elavon Converge, there is no need to be concerned about PCI compliance.

It is considered as a highly secure payment gateway, which is also easy to setup. It lets you set Converge as your payment mode within your online store.

3. Mollie Belfius Direct Net

The Mollie Belfius Direct Net is designed solely to support Belfius Direct Net payment mode. It has been developed on the current Mollie API. This plug-in supports all the versions of nopCommerce, from v3.00 to v3.60. Some of the main features of the payment gateway include multi-store support, secure payments, support for payment description, free upgrades; online funds and Mollie gateway locales support.

4. Bitcoin Accepted

nopCommerce Payment Module - Bitcoin AcceptedAs the name suggests, this plug-in is designed to accept Bitcoin payments in your Coinbase wallet. It is highly regarded for its reliability. What makes it more interesting is that it charges zero or a tiny commission for receiving payments in bitcoins. Its security standards are almost unmatched in the industry.

The main features of this payment gateway include ease of initiation, free upgrades, free maintenance, and no fees. Nil or negligible payment means that you will be able to earn more every time.

5. Sisow Creditcard

The Sisow creditcard payment system supports only credit card payments in your nopCommerce store. It supports a wide range of versions of nopCommerce – from v2.65 to v3.60. Other main features of the gateway include highly secure payments, multi-store support, free upgrades, rich UI, free support, the option to add extra payment charges, and an easy plug-and-play initiation method.

If you need to support old versions of the platform, special requests will have to be made to the developer.

6. WePay

WePay can be integrated as a hosted payment gateway service in your nopCommerce store. It takes just 2 minutes to setup and allows secure payment receipts. It doesn’t charge any setup, monthly or contract fees. This plugin allows you to setup the WePay payment mode within your online store. It skips the native payment information step at checkout and redirects users directly to its payment gateway system to get the required information. There is no need to worry about PCI compliance because the information is directly submitted to WePay.

The plug-in also gives you the option to switch between production and test mode. The test mode will imitate the payment process without collecting any payment.

7. Buckaroo Creditcard

nopCommerce Payment Module - Buckaroo CredicardAnother popular payment plugin nopCommerce, the Buckaroo Creditcard system supports only credit card payments. It supports all the major versions of the platform including v3.00 to v3.60. The main features of Buckaroo include support for multiple stores, secure payments, description of payments, free support, free upgrades and rich UI.

8. Payment Director

This plugin allows you to set the payment methods to be displayed to your buyers. It also lets you calculate any extra fees. The changes can be made on conditional basis. Payment Director provides options to allow store owners to choose the right payment methods to their customers based on specific conditions.

Besides, you could also add expressions for calculating any additional fees. For example, you could set different methods to be shown to different types of buyers. The factors that can be taken into account include specific shipping options, total of order, cart items, and type of credit card. Complex expressions can include variables for references such as NopC object shortcuts.