How to Improve nopCommerce Websites Conversion Rate?


The core of e-commerce construction is to find potential customers and turn them into real cooperative customers. Conversion rate is able to explain the relationship between them and influence the sales effects. As one of the most popular e-commerce websites construction, nopCommerce has very strong function that can help customers to build more attractive store sites so to increase traffics. While, website owners still feel confused that why there are so many traffics but no any sales in their nopCommerce website? Totally speaking, the primary cause is the website itself which makes a low conversion rate.

Conversion rate can be influenced by websites contents, products, customer service even some uncontrollable elements. Higher conversion rate indicates bigger sales volumes. So, how to improve nopCommerce website conversion rate becomes the top task for business owners. In this article, we will introduce some solutions to help businesses improve website conversion rate and get more ‘real customers’.

Right E-commerce Analytic Tool

To learn about the status of your e-commerce websites, you have to monitor several things such as:How many visitors there will be each day and which periods of time is the most frequent; what kind of pages or contents they would like to visit mostly; when and why they leave your websites… After monitoring and analyzing, you can get much information and have big helps for thinking out the solutions of how to improve website conversion rate.

In the Internet market, there are many e-commerce analytic tools emerging at the right moment. For example, Google Analytics, which is the most popular one, is free for the basic features and only charge for some specific functions. Besides, Piwik is also very useful since it is built based on the open-source framework and also free for using.

Of course, there are many other alternatives that also can help you test your websites operation status. Depending on the test results of analytic tools and also being offered some professional suggestions by correct nopCommerce solution, you can attract more visitors and change them into your real customers.

Fast Loading Speed

For any websites especially e-commerce websites, loading time is one of the significant factors which will decide if visitors can spend more time and patience in your website pages. When you need spend 1 min on opening a page, even though you have seen the attractive texts in the first half min, you will still lose the patience to wait the other half min to see pictures. So, choosing a good nopCommerence hosting provider is very important since they will have better server performance and offer fast response speeds for your websites., as a professional and experienced ASP.NET hosting provider, has been recommended as one of the best nopCommerce hosting providers. They offer powerful server performance and 99% uptime guarantee which will ensure your website in a fast loading time.

Simple and Easy-to-use Website Design

nopCommerce provides the pre-installed and customized version that you can choose the one you like and add some new ideas in your websites. But all the designs must be easy-to-use to ensure your visitors can visit your websites smoothly and buy the products in a simple environment.

Of course, for some beginning and small websites, the default version of nopCommerce is enough and there are some templates for choosing. While, if you want to create the websites by yourselves, some areas can be deigned simply and improved. For instance, the product pictures should be in high resolution; make sure the link and search is clear and simple; the product classification is prominent and easy to filter. In addition, some call to action such as“Add-to-Cart” and“Checkout” should be as conspicuous as possible so your customers can find them quickly.

Keep your Website Search Engine Friendly

Before purchasing, some people will choose search engine to find the popular and recommended websites or products. Hence, to make sure your website can be found normally and has good ranks in SEO, your e-commerce websites must be search engine friendly. Always ensure that your websites are not blocked and can submit XML Sitemap normally as well as fix errors of your website pages immediately.

The good news for professional developer is that, nopCommerce is open sourced software, and it uses the URL which is search engine friendly, so that you can realize routing extension with nopCommerce to make sure your websites is more search engine friendly.

Put Discounts in Home Page

As we all know, discounts can draw our attention mostly when we purchase. Merchants will try every means to release different discount activities during the holidays. You can put some discounts in home page timelessly and list the time limitation. When visitors open the page and find the discounts, they will intend to spend more time in your websites since no one wants to miss sales promotion.

Except for above solutions, there are many other ways to improve the nopCommerce website conversion rate. Before that, you need to find a reliable nopCommerce provider to build your e-commerce website, such as