WordPress.com VS Self-Hosted WordPress.org: Which One Is for You?


The two blogging platforms, WordPress.com and WordPress.org, are slightly distinguished in terms of features. In this WordPress.com VS WordPress.org article, we will compare the two content management systems to find out which one is for you! Now, read the following parts to learn more about them.


WordPress.comWordPress.com is the ready-to-go version of WordPress which can be used to host a website. This version of WordPress is free to use but involves several restrictions in usability of features. Listed here are the advantages and disadvantages.


Free of Cost:  You can use this WordPress version without paying any cost. Your website can be established in a few clicks and you do not need to pay even a single penny until your site takes 3GB of space. Once you hit the 3GB mark, the WordPress.com charges a reasonable $19.95 per year and offers storage space of 5GB.

Regular Backups: As the site maintenance is done automatically, the data present on your WordPress site is secured every day. Backup of all the posts and content on your site is created on regular basis so that you can minimize the risk of data loss.


WordPress.com DisadvantagesPresence of Advertisements: Every content management system offers an effective platform for blogging with the motive of earning profit. As the WordPress.com do not pinches your pockets, it places advertisements on your pages. However, you get an option to get rid of the advertisements by paying an annual fee of $29.97. Still, your website will display the website is Powered by WordPress.

No Plugins: The feature that attracts majority of bloggers to use WordPress is the availability of compatible plugins. However, you are not allowed to use custom plugins in the ready to go version of WordPress. To be precise, WordPress allows you to use plugins by joining their VIP plan and paying a monthly charge of $3700, which is too expensive for every basic blogger.

No Control: Although you own a website, you have to depend upon the source for many important features. For example, your themes can be changed without your permission. Adding to this, your website can be directly penalized or deleted if their Terms of Service is violated by your activities. Therefore, you do not get a comfortable atmosphere for blogging.

Self-Hosted WordPress.org

WordPress.orgWordPress.org is the self hosted version of WordPress which is used by more than 60 million companies throughout the world. Besides, it is the ultimate blogging platform that provides the flexibility to design and operate a website as per your desires. In this blogging platform, you need to pay a specific subscription fee and use all the features offered by WordPress. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of using WordPress.org.


Theme and Plugin Support: The self-hosted version of WordPress allows you to access the plugins and install custom themes. You can choose from the millions of available themes and plugins present on the internet. It provides you the flexibility to enhance the design of your site and present a unique platform to the visitors. You are able to choose the best WordPress plugins at our blog, including backup plugins, cache plugins, image optimization plugins, etc.

Scope for Income: You can generate revenue from your website by placing advertisements at relevant places. The money generated from the advertisements is solely yours.

Customized Control: You have the permission to control every element on your site. Therefore, you can manage the data, control your web presence, check custom analytics and keep a track of incoming traffic on your site.


Monthly Expenditure: As you get full access to your website, there are several areas where you need spend a couple of dollars every month. From monthly hosting plans to premium plugins and themes, self-hosted WordPress site may pinch hundreds of dollars out of your pocket. However, you also can choose a cheap WordPress hosting package from ZhuJi91.

Manual Updates: If you use custom plugins, themes or widgets, you will have to keep a track of their recent updates. Unlike WordPress.com, the platform doesn’t take the burden of updating the custom elements present on your site.

Conclusion: Which One Should you Choose?

WordPress.com VS WordPress.org ConclusionAfter going through the advantages and drawbacks of the two platforms in this WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org comparison, it can be stated that choosing the preferable version depends upon your motive. The ready-to-go version is more appropriate for you, if you want to establish a personal blog and do not aim to earn money. This is because the WordPress.com takes care of your site’s maintenance for free.

However, if you aim to make a career by generating revenue from blog, you need to opt for the self-hosted WordPress.org. In this wa6y, you can customize your site as per your preference and choose the most suitable hosting service provider to enhance the web presence. Also, you can have full control over your site and place advertisements at the relevant spots.

Overall, it can be said in WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org comparison that the two versions are suitable for different kinds of users. Most importantly, you can choose the preferable platform without worrying about the interface, as both the WordPress versions offer similar usability features.