Best WordPress Cache Plugins Used to Speed Up Your Site


It is widely known that using the WordPress cache plugins is one of the easiest and most convenient methods to speed up a website. However, due to the numerous cache plugins offered by WordPress and some other third party providers, it is not easy to choose the best WordPress cache plugin with the ability to speed up your website.

A quality WordPress cache plugin has to be integrated with many useful and helpful features and comes with easy installation and large popularity. In below, we have selected several of the most quality cache plugins to help speed up your WordPress site in an easy way.

WordPress Quick Cache Plugin

Quick Cache is one of the must-have-installed cache plugins, which has been used by hundreds of thousands of WordPress users around the world. This plugin builds a cache for your every page, post, link, category and so forth, and store those caches intuitively. Besides, because this plugin owns the ability to cache logged-in users, it is very powerful for membership sites. In addition, Quick Cache comes with the ability to cache or ignore URLs with query strings and disable dashboard notifications.
WordPress Cache Plugin - Quick Cache

WP Fastest Cache Plugin

By installing this plugin, you don’t need to worry that your page is rendered slowly even many visitors come to your site and the system uses much RAM and CPU, because the cache system creates a static html file and saves it. In addition, with this plugin, you are able to do many things, such as enabling/disabling cache option for mobile devices and logged-in users, blocking cache for particular post or page, and so on.
WordPress Cache Plugin - WP Fastest Cache

W3 Total Cache Plugin

This plugin is designed to help WordPress users get a better experience and faster page loading speed, recommended by many famous web hosting companies and trusted by countless reputed companies. This plugin improves the user experience of a site mainly by increasing server performance, providing transparent CDN and reducing download time. By installing this item, you are able to get at least 10 times higher performance and save up to 80% bandwidth. In addition, W3 Total Cache is compatible with any kind of hosting service.
WordPress Cache Plugin - W3 Total Cache

WP Widget Cache Plugin

Widely used by hundreds of thousands people all over the world, WP Widget Cache is gaining more and more users every day. This plugin is capable of caching the output of your blog widgets, reducing the SQL queries to your database and helping your run websites rapidly. You need to know that page cache is very helpful when many people keep visiting one of your popular pages regularly.  Therefore, if you are running a site with high traffic and this site is hosted on a shared server, you really need this plugin to cache.
WordPress Cache Plugin - WP Widget Cache

WordPress Wordfence Plugin

Wordfence is a reputed WordPress security plugin. At the same time, it is also a popular cache plugin, by using which you are able to make your site run with up to 50 times faster hosting speed. Up to now, this plugin has been downloaded more than 2 million times. In addition, there are more and more people joining the group. Once you meet any issue, you are able to write a ticket to their support team and get helpful assistant.

WordPress Cache Plugin - Wordfence

ALO Cache & Performance

ALO Cache & Performance offers simple page, static resources, and Gzip, file caching, deflate compression and JavaScripts to footer. By installing this plugin, you are able to make your site powerful, effective and fast. However, to run this plugin, your hosting package has to meet the requirements of PHP 5.3 or higher. In the industry, there are many WordPress Hosting solution offering PHP 5.3 or even PHP 5.5, including

WordPress Cache Plugin - ALO Cache Plugin & Performance

WP Super Cache

Having been downloaded more than 6 million times, WP Super Cache is popular with more and more WordPress users. This item serves cache files in 3 different ways, mod_rewrite, PHP and legacy caching. No matter which way you choose to cache, it is very easy to set up. Furthermore, this plugin is able to help your server deal with a front page appearing on social network sites.
WordPress Cache Plugin - WP Super Cache