Reasons for Not Choosing Free Web Hosting


On the basis of expense, website hosting can be divided into two types: paid web hosting and free web hosting.

In fact, many people may start their websites with free web hosting to save money. It seems like free web hosting can save you a few dollars per month, but it has many potential threats. In this article, we have presented the detailed reasons why not choose free web hosting.
free web hosting

Low Security

To make sure the normal operation of the website, security is an important element you should consider. But with free web hosting, the providers never focus on your website security. Even if you use security plug-ins, you can do nothing when the whole server is under attack.

In addition, many spammers or illegal website owners are likely to choose free web hosting, because it is free and has less safety control. Hosted with unreliable web hosts which offer few staff to moderate the hosting websites timely and allow multiple users to share the same IP address, you may fail to develop your website successfully.

Limited Resources

Using a free web hosting, you may find there are many restrictions. With thousands of users hosted together and sharing one server, your website cannot get sufficient server resource to run smoothly. Resources like bandwidth, RAM, disk space are all limited. Free hosting also lacks one-click installation for many popular applications.

Since free web hosting is helpless and cannot meet your needs, why not consider moving to a paid web hosting at that moment. Choosing a budget host, like, you can get sufficient resource for just a few dollars per month.

Bad Server Performance

free web hostingWithout paying for the service, free web host cannot provide high performance so that you may face a lot of downtime. Besides, once a sudden downtime happens, the whole web hosting will be shut down and in that case all your data can be lost, but the web hosts have no obligation to your loss because the hosting service is free.

Unlike free web hosting, paid web hosting is reliable and always has a safety guarantee. For example, uses 100% DELL servers with world-class server configuration to ensure the loading speed, performance and stability of every hosted website.

Bad/No Technical Support

Technical support is one of the most important factors you should take into consideration when choosing a web hosting service. Generally, a professional support should be available round the clock and the support staff should be well-trained. When the website is out of service, you can get a prompt solution from the technical support team.

But this is not the case with free web hosting providers. They normally provide customers bad after-sale service, or even no technical support. In that case, if there are some issues on the website, you have no method to solve them.

But if you choose, your problems can be solved within minutes by its customer support, which is partnered with Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists to provide you professional support in any time.

Too Many Advertisements and Popupsfree web hsoting

How can a free web host earn money with its free service? From advertising! You are required to allow the web hosts to post many annoying advertisements on your web page in return for their free web hosting service. Besides, when the visitors enter your website, they can also be bothered by many popups.

In general, it’s hard to build up the website successfully with free web hosting. All you have done is helping the free web hosting providers advertise. As a result, you get nothing but spend a lot of time and energy, while the free web hosting providers get much from thousands of users like you.


Generally speaking, the free web hosting service is not a good option for webmasters. Many high quality cheap web hosting is not expensive, which can provide you worry-free with high-quality service with an affordable price, such as