Top 10 Web Hosting Review Sites


With the up-to-date web hosting products and providers streaming into the market, choosing an appropriate provider to host site is deemed a big challenge for most webmasters. Not only that, the product categories as injecting VPS hosting, Cloud hosting, shared & dedicated hosting makes it much more confused even for some professional webmasters to make a decision. Generally speaking, the main factors to evaluate if the web hosting is worth buying include price, reliability, server performance, customer service as well as the whole technical professionality of supports. But without cautious thinking, webmasters may be cheated by some farfetched providers who are trying passing off fish eyes for pearls.

The good news is that, review sites emerge at the right moment to compare web hosting providers being based on professional experience and test even customers’ suggestion. Those specialized opinions help webmasters judge accurately without wasting extra time. According to the rankings, Host4ASP.NET lists the Top 10 Reviews Sites for your reference.


This is not so much a review site as a professional community website since not only website editors dominate all the contents but also customers can comment the service as per their real experience. It is really transparent and reliable.

At the home page, the classification about web hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated Server, Domain, SSL, website builder and so on is very specific and detailed. Under each kind of hosting product, they usually list the top providers for comparison in terms of price, performance, support, etc. Another absorbing point is the industry news updated daily to help webmasters keep up with the latest hosting information.


Just as its name implies, webmasters can find out the best cheap hosting providers via The focus group of this site is mainly individuals and small to medium businesses.

Same with other review sites, there are Top 10 Web Hosting providers listing with all the referential details. And the most brilliant thing is the star products review, which makes the hosting package be seen with half an eye in the first page. Sharp-eyed visitors can also find the hosting coupon part in the top of page, where all the promotion and discount of some mainstream companies like HostGator and GoDaddy are introduced. If you are a beginner, you also can find a mass of significant tutorials there.

3. is absolutely a good choice for website novices due to its perfect tutorials teaching how to create and maintain websites. Under the classification including Start A Blog, Website Builder, SSL, CDN, Email Marketing, they display the most cutting-edge and popular hosting providers and publish recapitulative products introduction.

Of course, you will also find the different rankings there like Top 10 ASP.NET Hosting, Top 10 WordPress Hosing and so on. And all the information is selected based on the editors’ experience and official suggestion.


As the experienced web hosting reviews site since the year of 2014, WebhostingGeeks offers relevant quality and performance data about the web hosting from all over the world. Its suggestion is absolutely professional and transparency. There, you can learn about which kind of domains are most popular and which are least via the line chart and pie chart.

There are also Top 10 hosting providers recommendation and customers can share their opinions freely in the forum of Recent Customers Reviews. This site also provides free guides about the useful backgrounds and introduction of web hosting.


This review website is absolutely a great searching engine to discover who is hosting any website. In the home page, visitors just need to add the domain name then can get information about web host, IP address, name servers and more. In addition, the Top 10 web hosting data also shows the rating of editors, avg. user rating as well as user review times, supporting visitors the real popular hosting providers.

By the way, this searching website also counts and keeps updating newest hosting coupons for most of the popular web hosting providers.


In the horizontal menus, we can note that this site clearly classifies the recommended web hosting service into cheap, dedicated, WordPress and VPS hosts which can guide visitors to click and browse specifically. And in the home page, there are the top 10 popular recommended providers whose brief introductions are included in the Monthly Starting Price reviews.In addition, there are many professional guides that is very appropriate for new webmasters to take the first step.

The most attractive thing is that you can find some contributing experts whose mission is to inform and educate the visitors about the world of Web Hosting. With these one-to-one guides, webmasters can complete the target rapidly.


Just like HostUcan, TheWhir also covers the daily news and editorial property in the hosting and cloud industry, in which, you may even find the Microsoft lawsuit news and white papers from Google. TheWhir focuses on engaging videos and the newest publishes from the most popular industry leaders and all the contents have been filtered by all the editors elaborately.

Advertiser is another feature that can provide service of displaying advertising, leading generation, events, video, and printing.


This website can be regarded as the welfare of Durpal users and CMS enthusiasts due to its pertinence for introductions and recommendation of Durpal web hosting.. At home page, the top 5 Drupal hosting providers are listed through the form of table which is clear and neat. For shared web hosting part, VPS and dedicated server for Drupal hosting solutions available are also in the list.

Tutorials for Drupal is another highlight of this site, been written by professional technical-based editors, which can help developers build the Drupal website easily. What’s more, the tutorials are updated more and more companied with the new version or plug-ins upgrades.


Focusing on offering the solutions for business websites and medium-sized websites, lists the Top 5 Best Joomla Hosting as well as some cheap vps Hosting. They evaluate each Joomla hosting by feature, price, reliability, server speed, customer support, and so on.

10. Top10Bestwebsitehosting

If you think categories and lists of recommended hosting solutions is too fussy, this one can help you get rid of these bothers. Here, you can always find the Top 10 rankings of the best hosting service providers, listed from highest to lowest scores.Besides, they also provide some free hosting information in real time for those who just need to try and study website building.

With these review websites, you can learn much more about those hosting providers and maybe you will become more professional and skillful to choose the targeted hosting service. No matter how the hosting providers be well known, choosing the most appropriated one depending on your website size and application is very important. Do you need dedicated server, VPS, shared hosting or cloud hosting? Does server performance, technical supporting or price attack your attention mostly? So, read and refer these reviews sites’ suggestion, you will get the one you need.