What Is Remote Management & How to Enable It in WebSitePanel


Website management has been made easier as technology steps forward each day. To this end, people have enjoyed the new improvements and most have heralded the technologies to maximize the working of their sites. Remote management is one way through which people manage their websites easily from their computer through a server supported on windows 7, windows vista or windows XP. The communication between the site and the desktop is fast and secure and thus. If you are still wondering what is remote management, read on.

What Is Remote Management?

What Is Remote ManagementRemote management is the process that allows the administrators to take full control of all operations using a remote. That has been made possible by the new features of windows Vista that allows for management of scripts by use of a remote. To benefit fully from this service you should have the windows server 2008 IIS on windows vista, windows 7 or windows XP to support this program. You will then have to enable remote control on WebSitePanel easily.

With remote management, you will be able to edit and write your applications from your computer IIS server. It is easy to install and configure the feature and thus, you should learn how to do it.

Why Enable Remote Management?

Clients who have installed this software enjoy a large number of benefits. These benefits are as follows: it provides for secure remote management as you transverse through firewalls as it protects the encrypted sensitive details while data is exchanged between the server and administration tools. The manager has full control over configuration. Besides, web server and administrators have been delegated fully to manage where configuration lives through distributed configuration.

How to enable management in WebSitePanel

Remote control allows administrators to have that power to securely manage their hosting space from their PC using the Windows 7, Windows XP or Windows Vista. These are the steps followed when enabling remote management in Website panel.

1. Log into WebSitePanel and click on Websites to get started.

Enable remote Management in WebSitePanel 1

2. Click on the site your need to permit remote control from the list of websites.

Enable remote Management in WebSitePanel 2

3. Select the Management button on the next screen.

Enable remote Management in WebSitePanel 3

4. From this point, log into the website that you need to enable remote management by entering your username and password. Click the Enable button and you will be good to go.

Enable remote Management in WebSitePanel 4

6. After you have enabled the remote management, you will be provided with the link or connection information and the PC username that you will use to link to your hosting provider. .Keep your login details securely to ensure they do not get into the wrong hands.

Enable remote Management in WebSitePanel 5

This makes the end of the steps on how to enable remote management in a WebSitePanel. To this far, you now understand what is remote management and various methods to do it.

If you ensure that you carry out most configurations like the remote management on your site, you will enjoy more security. This is the opposite of when you hire someone to enable the remote management as it leaves your site exposed. If you have issues in what is remote management and how to configure it, you can consult Bisend.com technical support staffs who will assist you.